18 May 2015

Read: The Book Thief and a whole bunch of ebooks

In "Read" I'm focusing on the books I read that don't belong to my personal good books. 

In the last weeks I managed to read a lot of books and most of them were ebooks. Ebooks I bought or downloaded for free because they were part of series I previously enjoyed or because I was excited to give some new to me authors a chance. I pretty much read nine ebooks in a row and after that I was once again reminded of the various reasons why I personally prefer print books. 

Print books don't give me headaches, going back a few pages or peaking at the end is easier with them and I love how they feel, smell and look. But of course ebooks can be practical when trying out books by new authors, so that's what I mostly use them for. 

Because of the amount of books the reviews are going to be short, also because a lot of the books left me with vague feelings and not a lot of interest to think about them again.

The Book Thief (German version) - Markus Zusak
Unfortunately I can't tell you a lot about "The Book Thief", I know that many people love this book and consider it to be an important one, however it didn't work for me. Neither the writing style, nor the world building made me excited for more. After reading a few chapters I actually started skipping some pages here and there, in the end I was relieved when I finished the book. Nothing in the book managed to touch me emotionally and this is always a bad sign. 

I had this vague feeling before buying the book that it might not be for me, I don't even know why exactly, but often these feelings are pretty accurate. So sorry for this short review, but I honestly have nothing more to say about the book. 

Crashing the boards - Jami Davenport, contemporary romance, adult, #2 in the Game on Seattle series
The premise of the story sounded exciting, but the reality of it bored me a bit and didn't make that much sense. Plus the story was too short to give me a chance to build a good connection with the characters.
There is a sequel to this story, but I don't think that I will check it out, I'm just not that interested in what will happen next to Izzy and Cooper. 

Perfect Pitch - Mindy Klasky, contemporary romance, adult, #1 in the Diamond Brides series
You might already know that I need to like the main characters of the romances I'm reading to enjoy the book, unfortunately I didn't like the male main characters of this one that much. I was annoyed with many scenes he appeared in and that overshadowed my whole reading experience.

Come away with me - Kristen Proby, contemporary romance, adult, #1 in the With me in Seattle series
I heard some great things about this contemporary romance and enjoyed reading the book, but as nice as the story was, as soon as I finished with the book I forgot about it. The characters didn't manage to make me really interested in them, I don't want to read more stories set in the world of this series.
I can't explain what exactly was missing from the book to make me care about it more deeply, but I now at least know that Proby's way to write romances is nice, but not what I'm ultimately looking for. 

Talk to me - Stephanie Reid, romance, adult, #1 in the Protector series
A nice romance, but also a book that I forget about quickly after I read it. My emotions were involved when reading the story, but not as much as I wanted them to be. The characters appeared to be a bit flat and sadly this is another book that left no lasting impression on me. 

Deep - Kylie Scott, adult, hot rock star romance, #4 in the Stage Dive series
To make it short there was too much drama, a hero that too often acted like an ass, but at least I got to meet some the characters from the other books in the series again. With less drama and more communication between the main characters this could have been a good book and yes, I'm sad that I didn't enjoy this book as much as I did the other three in this series. But still I plan to buy and read other books by the author in the future, because her writing style is one that I usually enjoy a lot. 

Five Dates - Amy Jo Cousins, M/M romance, short story, adult
This short story was a nice read, but overall the characters didn't seem real enough, my emotions weren't involved when reading the story. For me this was an ok book, quick to read and easy to forget. Maybe a longer version of the story would have worked better for me. 

Last to know - Micalea Smeltzer, young adult romance, #1 in the Willow Creek series
Note: I mostly put this book in this "Read" post to make it easy for you to compare my thoughts on it with the second one in the series (see below), but I actually enjoyed the book and it is a good book for me.
The book was a very nice romance and the characters had time to get to know each other, I appreciated that the pace was slower than in other romances, even YA ones, that include rock stars. When reading the story I believed in the emotions, I rooted for the main couple and I was entertained by the story. The drama was there, but not over the top. So all in all a good book I enjoyed and that made me excited for more by the author. 

Never too late - Micalea Smeltzer, romance, new adult, #2 in the Willow Creek series
After Reading "Last to know" I was pretty excited for the second book in the series, unfortunately I didn't like it that much. Both the main characters weren't that likable, especially the hero was one that annoyed me a lot. The story felt a bit forced and I'm honestly surprised that "Last to know" and "Never too late" are even part of the same series, because these two books don't have a lot in common. Everything I liked about the first book in this series was missing from the second one, I'm also confused by the change of YA to NA from book one to two. So even though I enjoyed the first book in the series, I don't plan to give #3 a chance after reading #2. 

Three years later - Casey McMillan, romance, #1 in the In too deep series
I downloaded this book spontaneously and liked the beginning of the book that played in the past, the story was cute and I was hopeful that I would enjoy the whole book. But the story in the now, three years after the beginning, didn't work for me, all of a sudden I couldn't connect with the characters any longer, I didn't believe in their love and wasn't that interested in what was going on. Another ok book for me.

Happy Reading!


  1. Sorry The Book Thief didn't work for you. It's one of my favorites, but can see your point and what you didn't like about it! Glad to see you've been reading a lot though!

    1. I was sad that the book didn't work for me because I wanted to love it, but of course you can't force yourself to love a book.

      Happy Reading!

  2. You did finish the books, that is a lot Julchen. If I don't like the main characters, I usually throw the book aside, and start something else.

    1. Believe me, I was so tempted to not finish some of the books, I skipped pages with a few of them, but I made it through all of them.

      Happy Reading!

  3. So sad The Book Thief didn't work for you! I loved it.

    1. It's really sad, but at least I gave it a try.

      Happy Reading!




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