27 May 2015

I just want to read books

In a comment on "A cover purist wonders: Do awards sell books?" Chrystal from "Snowdrop Dreams" wrote one short sentence that perfectly describes a feeling I often get when I see drama in the book community, when bookish snobbery runs wild, when bookish discussions get angry. I then think "I just want to read books", nothing more and nothing less. This little sentence helps me to once again focus on the content of books and forget the rest.

Btw, I have been struggling with a bad cold in the last days, but I hope that I will be able to go back to normal blogging in a few days.

Hope that you are healthy and of course are reading a fantastic book right now. 


  1. Wow. I'm glad my comment could help you. I was excited to see my name in your post. :)

    Happy reading.

    1. Your comment was one that made me realize something I had thought about for some time, so thanks for it!

      Happy Reading!

  2. I couldn't agree more! Read whatever you want, whenever you want to read it! I try not to write reviews on books I didn't enjoy because I always think...well, someone worked hard on that and other people enjoyed it. Lovely, short post and I always really like your blog design whenever I stop by!


    1. For some years I also only wrote reviews on books I enjoyed and some people were pretty pissed by this decision, I never got the issues because I still kept lists of all the books I read with honest ratings, so I was never lying about my thoughts on books and I never tried to hide anything. But I guess some people think that there is only one correct way to blog, of course it's normally their own one.

      Now I'm writing short, often very short, reviews, if you can even call them that, on the books I read and didn't enjoy. But I'm very relaxed about it and don't feel the need to talk about every book I read, even as a book blogger it's nice to do some private reading that doesn't appear on the blog or other online places.

      Btw, I love your reviews, they made me discover some great books and I'm thankful for that.

      Happy Reading.




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