10 May 2015

Books are my constant & when to end a series

I want to share two interesting blog posts I read this week.

The first post is called "Books are my constant" and you can find it on Chachic's Book Nook. In the post Chachic is talking about what books mean to her, what place they have in her life and I completely agree with her, because books are also one of my constants in life. And I guess they always will be. Are books a constant in your life?

And then I read a great post by author Mindee Arnett on "Why I chose to end my series early". In the post Arnett explains why she chose to write three books in her Arkwell Academy series and not more. The series is one I have enjoyed a lot so far and I'm super excited for the third and final book in the series. 
All of her reasons for not adding a fourth book to the series make so much sense to me. Series that miss the right time to end are something that can be quiet painful for readers, good series turn into ones that don't make sense anymore and that in the end are a disappointment. So thanks to Mindee Arnett for ending the series at the right time, thanks for not drawing out the series. 

Happy Reading!


  1. Mindee Arnett has the right idea. Sometimes series goes past the used by date, when an author could have ended the series when there was a good opportunity for a decent ending. Thanks for the heads up on these posts.

    1. I'm always sad when this happens, because of it a good series can turn into a bad one and that breaks my little heart.

      Happy Reading!




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