04 May 2015

Bookish decor: Cyanotypes and my books

A friend of mine is creating amazing cyanotypes of different photographs she has shot (find her work on etsy: LaVieBleue) and she recently created some cyanotypes for me with pictures of my books. Note: I love to photograph but I'm not that good at it, so the motives she worked with could have been better. But let's get back to my images, I couldn't be happier with them. I love the vintage look of cyanotypes and that pretty normal motives all of a sudden look fascinating and special. I plan to buy some old picture frames in the next weeks and then the cyanotypes will look absolutely amazing in my home library. 

Of course I needed at least one picture with rough cut pages, you know that I heart them. 

I have been looking for some bookish decoration for my book corner for some time now, wanted something personal, something that fit to my books. And now I have exactly that, unique cyanotypes that make my heart sing and that complete my bookish corner, I'm one very happy reader. 

Check out LaVieBleue to discover which beautiful cyanotypes are available. One of my favourites is based on a picture that was taken in the Pergamommuseum in Berlin, but I like pretty much all the available ones.

This cyanotype is the perfect mix of art and humanity. 

More of my personal cyanotypes, I can't wait to frame them and add them to my book room. 

Books in front of books, pretty perfect in my opinion. 

Beautiful book covers by one of my favourite authors. 

Perfect when someone is interrupting my reading time. 

Some of my YA books. 

I bought the little reading gnome on the cyanotype a few years ago at Frankfurt Book Fair and love him. 


  1. They're so pretty! Such a cute little thing to brighten up your room

    Steph - http;//the-darkness-will-never-win.blogspot.com

    1. Exactly, they will look fantastic in my book room and I can't wait to have them there.

      Happy Reading!




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