18 April 2015

Read: My true love gave to me, The Red Queen & Happy Again

In "Read" I'm talking about the books I read and that don't belong to my good books. My thoughts on these books reach from nice, to ok to disappointing. This time there are three YA books I want to talk about.

My true love gave to me - various authors, young adult, twelve short stories
As expected this book filled with 12 YA short stories was a very mixed experience for me, some stories entertained me, others bored me. Some stories made me excited for me, others didn't make that much sense to me. I firmly believe that you need a special gift to write gripping short stories and that not that many authors can do it. 

The short stories that worked for me are all by authors whose longer books I enjoyed in the past, my favourite story of the book was the first one and it's written by Rainbow Rowell. This story captured my interest from the first page on and the ending was one that satisfied me. Rainbow Rowell only needed a few pages to make me care about what was going on, to involve my emotions, to make me excited to read on. The ending of her short story makes sense and it's a hopeful one, so yes, I was very happy with this story. I also enjoyed the stories by Gayle Forman, Stephanie Perkins and Kiersten White. 

Most of the other short stories didn't touch me, I didn't care that much about what happened, some stories seemed to be over before they really started.

Even though not all stories in this book worked for me, I'm still not sad that I read the book. I knew before reading it that something like that might happen, but I just like to give short stories from time to time a try.

If you are new to the world of Young Adult romances, then this book might not be the perfect introduction to this genre, for other readers this might be a nice change to full length novels.

Red Queen - Victoria Aveyard, #1 in the trilogy, young adult, fantasy, listened to the audio book version
This is a book I heard a lot of things about lately, some great things, some disappointing things. I decided to listen to the story in audio format and that's something I don't regret, because the audio book is a good one. The story itself however was more of a mixed experience for me. Some parts of the novel were entertaining and made me excited for me, others didn't make that much sense and frustrated me.

I think that there was a lot of potential in the story, unfortunately not all of it was used. Too many things remained unexplained, too much focus was on the annoying interest triangle (love triangle would imply more than it was), too many reactions of the heroine baffled me, left me with a hollow feeling. 

The author's voice made this book still entertaining, she knows how to tell a gripping story. But in the end too many things bothered me, too many developments didn't make that much sense too me, too often the characters annoyed me. So no, I will not go on with the trilogy, but I can still imagine that many readers will enjoy "Red Queen".

Happy Again - Jennifer E. Smith, short story, ebook, companion to  "This is what happy looks like"
I'm a big fan of Jennifer E. Smiths YA novel "This is what happy looks like", so I was at first both surprised and excited when I heard that a short addition to the story had been released.

"Happy Again" can be read as a sort of long epilogue of the original novel, however you don't really need to read it if the ending of "This is what happy looks like" worked for you. I personally really enjoyed the old ending and maybe that's why the new ending was a bit disappointing for me.

There seemed to be so many issues between Ellie and Graham, issues they already went through and solved in "This is what happy looks like". I felt as if the story and characters were going round in circles without getting closer to their goal, without adding something important to the story of "This is what happy looks like".

The new story is well written and nice to read, but in the end felt to me like an unnecessary extra, an extra that didn't enhance the original ending of the story, that left me a bit disappointed.

I'm sure that this short story might work for other fans of "This is what happy looks like", I personally prefer to go with the original ending of the book and to forget this short story.

Happy Reading!


  1. I've heard a lot about Red Queen but I don't know if I'll read it....I want to read My true love gave to me, it sounds like a light reading. It always happens to me that I don't like some of the stories but I think it's a good way to try new authors.

    1. Exactly that's why I like these books full of short stories as well, it's a perfect way to discover new authors, this time it didn't work, but it did in the past.

      Happy Reading!




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