05 April 2015

Read: J. Kenner, Elizabeth Richards and more

In "Read" I talk about books I read that don't belong to my personal good books.

I have previously read other books by the author, the Stark series, and knew that I would like her writing style and her characters in the new series, and I really did. But the suspense aspect of the book, the whole FBI background story, didn't work for me at all. I can't even tell you why, something about it just bothered me and made my reading experience not as happy as it should have been. 

Readers who like the suspense aspect of the story more than I did, will probably love the book. Because of my issues with the background story I don't plan to go on with books #2 and #3 in the series, but I will definitely check out other, future books by Kenner. 

At first I loved reading the book, the writing style made it easy to get lost in the story, the world building was gritty and fascinating, I wanted to learn more about the characters and what made them the way they are. But then something changed, some details about the love story didn't work for me, the whole meant-to-be-together thing in love stories is not a no go for me, even insta love can work for me, but I have limits to what I can take and what I can't, the limits were unfortunately crossed in "Black City" (and yes, this sounds way more dramatic than it really is). Especially the physical aspects of this meant-to-be-love didn't work for me in this book and this overshadowed everything else.  

I'm still interested in checking out future books by the author, because like I said, I like her voice, I just wasn't a fan of some details of the love story in this specific book. 

Nacht ohne Namen - Jenny-Mai Nuyen (German book, no English translation available)
This is a German fantasy book that in a way is fascinating, but that couldn't convince me completely. The author has created a world full of demons that can be in sort of partnerships with humans to give them success or other things they crave. This part of the book is one that made me excited for more. The book is set in Berlin, the main characters are a teen, her mysterious friend and one of the demons.

From the beginning of the book until the end I had some issues with the writing style, it wasn't that easy to get lost in the book, little sentences here and there broke up my reading flow and that annoyed me. The world building was like I said in a way fascinating, but also a bit disappointing, its full potential wasn't used.
The dreaded love triangle, which didn't make any sense to me at all, appeared, some of the characters seemed to be real, others stayed flat and at the end of the book I still didn't know what to think about what had happened.

Nacht ohne Namen ("Night without name" would be the translation) left me behind with a feeling of indecision, some fascination and annoyance, not the worst, but also not the best mix of feelings. 

Lately I have been reading more non-fiction books than I did in the last years. I'm especially interested in topics like eco fashion, green beauty, consumerism and minimalism. I hoped that the book would deal with an effortless and chic way regarding consumerism and minimalism, unfortunately this wasn't the case.

The book is nice to look at and easy to read, unfortunately too many things weren't dealt with enough depth, everything seemed to be a bit too superficial, there were also too many repetitions. I hoped for more tips that can really change your life, that can make your life simpler, but couldn't find them in this book.

Happy Reading!


  1. I'm interested in reading more non fiction lately but I don't know where to start....I'm also interested in a simpler life.

    1. I also had a hard time with deciding where to start with non-fiction, in the end I just decided to get a book that sounded interesting and didn't think too much about my choice.

      I can also recommend blogs like Into Mind and La Nife En l'Air if you are interested in a simpler life, both are written in English and a great starting point.

  2. "Black City" liegt auch noch auf meinem SuB, ebenso wie "Nacht ohne Namen" und auf beide bin ich mehr als gespannt! :)

    Liebste Grüße,

    1. Dann drücke ich dir mal die Daumen, dass beide Bücher bei dir so richtig einschlagen werden.





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