24 April 2015

Read: House Immortal, Amelia Anne is dead and gone & Gabriel's Redemption

The last three print books I read all don't belong to my good books, but I still want to talk about the books a bit more, so I'm going to do so in this post.

House Immortal - Devon Monk, Urban fantasy, adult, #1 in the House Immortal series (trilogy I think)
If I had to summarize this review in one sentence, it would be: Sorry book, it's not you, it's your genre. Urban Fantasy books and I were friends once upon a time, I love for example the first two books in the Alpha & Omega series by Patricia Briggs and the first three books in the Kate Daniels series by Illona Andrews. But then something changed, all of the sudden all of the new Urban Fantasy books I read didn't work for me any longer, the books were too gritty, there was not enough romance for my taste, dark and gruel scenes that didn't add anything important to the story seemed to be used excessively. Maybe I changed as a reader, maybe the tone in Urban Fantasy changed in general, but in the last years I have had issues with all the UF books I read, besides the Spider Assassin books by Jennifer Estep, but then they are in my opinion as much paranormal romance as they are Urban Fantasy. 

 "House Immortal" worked better for me than many other UF books did in the past years, I actually enjoyed parts of the story and thought that the world-building was a very interesting one. However I had some issues with connecting to the characters and the overall tone of the novel was not one I enjoyed in every scene. 

Right now I'm not sure if I will go on with the series or not, I might wait until the last book has been published, look up what happened and then decide. 

I think all fans of UF books might enjoy this book a lot, so if you like the genre, give "House Immortal" a try. Go for it if political intrigues and special - stitched together - humans sound interesting to you. 

Amelia Anne is dead and gone - Kat Rosenfield, Young Adult, contemporary, stand-alone
I was drawn to this book because of the haunting book title, the beautiful cover and the fascinating synopsis. 
I knew before buying this book that I might have issues with the writing style, but I hoped that I would get used to it and learn to love it. Unfortunately this didn't happen. The writing style is one that  made it hard for me to enjoy a book. 

His teeth were slick pearls behind the filter. 

It's a beautiful writing style, but still I couldn't get into a good reading flow, I never felt a deep connection to the story. And just like the writing style the whole story and all of the characters remained intangible for me. Sometimes I didn't even know what was going on, I felt as if there was a thick glass panel between the story and me. 

So unfortunately this wasn't the perfect book for me, but I think it could be a great book for readers who like special stories and writing styles.

Gabriel's Redemption - Sylvain Reynard, #3 in the Gabriel's Inferno series, contemporary romance, adult
I enjoyed the first book in this series, then had serious issues with the second one (all the drama) and wanted to find out how Julianne and Gabriel's story finished. I once again feared that there would be too much drama in the book, but still I gave the final book in the series a try.

Unfortunately my fears came true, drama was everywhere, constantly someone was planning something evil, misunderstandings and little wrangles between the two main characters happened in nearly every chapter, the story itself did not have any room to develop and the story about the main characters was constantly interrupted by scenes with other characters. These scenes didn't add anything positive to my reading experience, if anything they made it hard for me to enjoy the book, because none of the little stories surrounding secondary characters was interesting.

I still enjoyed Reynard's writing style, it's the reason why I might check out another book by here in the future. But everything else didn't work for me. There were too many interruptions of the main story, not enough room for the characters to develop, too much drama, not enough happy moments and too many rash developments. While reading the book I always felt a bit disconnected and didn't care that much about what was going on, so no, this book was not perfect for me.

Even though the series as a whole didn't work for me, in the future I might still give the author's Florentine series a try, maybe this one might be a better fit for me.

Happy Reading!

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