15 April 2015

Read: The Happiness Project, Wait for you & Be with me

In "Read" I'm talking about the books I read but didn't like enough to add them to my good books. Today's post is about one non-fiction book by Gretchen Rubin and two NA romances by J Lynn. 

The Happiness Project - Gretchen Rubin, non-fiction
This book was a bit of a mixed experience for me. Overall I love the idea behind the book, to actively work on your own happiness by concentrating on different parts of your life, by finding out what works for you and what not, by working on your own behavior.

Some parts of the book made me think about what I can change myself to achieve greater happiness, they left a lasting impression and started a thought process that may lead to actual changes in my life, that's exactly what I was hoping for. But then there were also some chapters that I couldn't relate to at all. Plus I had some minor issues with the writing style, in some chapters it grabbed my interest, in others it didn't.

Even though the books wasn't a complete hit for me, I'm still very happy that I read it, because it made me think about a lot of big and small things and I appreciate that. 

Wait for you - J Lynn, #1 in the With You saga, New Adult
This first book in a NA series might have worked for me a few months ago, but since then I read too many NA books with a similar plot and I'm over that right now. Something besides the whole - new girl at college, something bad happened in her past and at the first day she runs into one of the hottest guys at campus who of course also has some issues - would have been nice. And no, I'm not saying that I don't like this plot in general, but right in this moment I want something fresh, something that I haven't read about in countless NA books recently. 

J Lynn's writing style is one I enjoyed, the book was easy to read, had a good flow and I cared about what happened to the characters. But I didn't connect with them as deeply as I wanted to, something was missing from the story for this to happen. The story is at times funny, often emotional and also sweet, I liked this mix.

"Wait for you" is an entertaining book that will work for a lot of fans of New Adult books, I just was in the mood for something new, something that doesn't follow the same theme so many other NA books do. Maybe I will check out the book again in a few months when I'm once again ready to enjoy the plot, we will see.

Be with me - J. Lynn, #2 in the With You saga, New adult
Ok, right after I finished "Wait for you" I decided to go on with book #2 in the series because I already had it at home. I hoped that this time I would love the story, but unfortunately "Be with me" was just another ok book for me. Something is missing from the books by J Lynn to make it easy for me to form a deep connection with the characters, to really care about them. It was that way in "Wait for you" and it's that way in "Be with me".

The story is ok, some of the developments were a bit over the top, however similar things worked for me in other books, but not this time. The writing style was once again a good one, but still I skipped some pages here and there because I just wasn't that interested in what was going on. Sadly the author-reader chemistry is pretty low when it's about J Lynn.

I'm sure that many other readers of New Adult romances will enjoy this book and the whole series, just make sure to read an excerpt before buying the book to see if you care about what is going on or not. I will not go on with the series and right now don't plan to give other books by the author a try.

Happy Reading!


  1. I've heard great things about The Happiness Project. You should get the One Sentence Journal that comes with it, it's great!

    1. I looked at the one sentence journal and like the idea, but would I ever manage to write just one sentence? I doubt it. :)

      Happy Reading!




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