22 April 2015

Guilty pleasures

Whenever someone uses the phrase "guilty pleasures" when talking about books, my poor heart hurts a bit. Because as a reader I never feel guilty about enjoying a book, about a beautiful love story that makes me happy, about loving a wonderful happily ever after. There is no reason to feel guilty for enjoying a book, be it a romance, an erotic romance, a YA you read as an adult or whatever other people look down at. 
Read what you like and enjoy what you like, there's no need for excuses or guilt. 


  1. I agree so much . I actually started some posts on my blog titled Guiltless Pleasures! Enjoy your books no matter what genre. ;)

  2. I never feel guilty either, whatever book it is!

  3. Angiegirl, Chrystal and Jilian, you all rock! We need more guilty free readers and bloggers.

    Happy Reading!




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