02 April 2015

Good books: Victoria Laurie and R.L. LaFevers

Three of the print books I recently read belong to my personal good books. Two books are part of a mystery series by Victoria Laurie, the other one is a children's novel by R.L. LaFevers and also part of a series. 

These two books are part of the Psychic Eye series (books #11 and #12) which I have enjoyed since I read the first book in it shortly after it was released. In the last years I have got to know the characters pretty well, whenever I read a book in the series it feels as if I'm visiting dear friends.
In the books the focus is always on the following: investigation/mystery, psychic abilities that help with the investigation (the main character is a professional psychic intuitive), romance and friendship. This mix has worked for me perfectly in the past and it also did with "Deadly Forecast" and "Fatal Fortune". Add to that that Victoria Laurie's writing style is very enjoyable and that she makes me care about what is going on, and it's no wonder that this series is still going strong for me. 

Deadly Forecast is maybe the most dramatic book in the series so far, Abby and Dutch are getting married soon, however someone is trying his best to make sure that there will be no wedding. In Fatal Fortune the story is focused on Candice, Abby's best friend, and she is in some serious trouble. Both books are thrilling, I raced through the stories because I just needed to know what the hell would happen next and I'm already excited for the next book that will be out this sommer. 

In the past I read the first two (I think) books in Laurie's other series, the Ghost Hunter series, but then stopped with it. I think I will revisit the books soon and give them a second chance, because I want more by Victoria Laurie and her worlds in which special abilities play an important role. I'm also excited to read her first YA book "When" soon. 

For newbies in the Psychic Eye series I would definitely recommend starting with book #1, everything else could be a bit confusing.

This book is #3 in the Theodora Throckmorton series and I think readers that like reading about young characters that are a bit special, that at times do the unexpected and don't always act like you would expect children to, will love the book and the series. The books are all adventures that deal with Egyptian mythology, curses and secret orders. Theodisia might be an unlikely heroine at first glance, however I think that both children and adults will enjoy reading about her, she is witty, is always trying to do what's right and her thirst for knowledge is fascinating.

In this third book of the series the story continues to develop, you learn some new things about what happened in the past, new curses and artifacts appear, new mysteries need to be solved. This book made me once again smile a lot, while reading the book I had a good time and after finishing it I was excited for more.
Unfortunately there is only one more book in the series, I already have it at home and plan to read it soon. I fear that there will be no real ending to the series which would be sad, but we will see what happens in the fourth and final book.

Have you recently read any good books?
Happy Reading!


  1. I love the Ghost Hunter series and think I have read all but the last 3. I need to check and see how many are out total. Sometimes I am just in the mood for some cozy-like mysteries. Heather Blake has some cute mysteries out if you are ever in the mood for that sort of thing. Great blog!

    1. Me too, sometimes these cozyesque mysteries are just perfect for my mood and I'm always looking for new ones, so thanks with the Heather Blake recommendation, I will check her out.

      Happy Reading!




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