10 April 2015

Good books: Staci Hart, Tillie Cole and Nalini Singh

Recently I had some major luck with the ebooks I bought and read, a series of three short stories (I'm counting them as one book) and two novels made me one very happy reader and of course I want to share my book related happiness with you.

All three books are adult contemporary romances, they are hot, the main characters are complex, at times not the easiest and IMO still very likable. Plus the romances made my heart beat faster, exactly what I want from the romances I read. 

Hardcore series (1, 2 and 3) - Staci Hart, contemporary romance with some thrill
The three books in this contemporary series are all pretty short, however Staci Hart still managed to pack a lot into each and every book. You have a romance that might be over before it really started, some illegal activities, friendship issues, free running, betrayal and some sexy times.

Staci Hart's writing style made it easy for me to get lost in the series, to care for its main characters and what happened to them. Some of the parts might not work for everyone, for example the heroine's illegal activities, but for me even these parts made sense and made me excited for more.

The romance is explosive, there is not a lot of foreplay and this was another thing that this time worked for me. I was extremely pleased with the ending, of course that means that there is a very nice happy ending. I'm definitely interested in reading more by Staci Hart in the future, her style to create romances is one I appreciate. 

Rock Hard - Nalini Singh, contemporary romance, #2 in the Rock Kiss series
Rock Hard is the second book in the Rock Kiss series by Nalini Singh and I'm enjoying the whole series so far a lot. You get great, interesting characters, some very nice romances and sexy times, a lot of funny and emotional scenes and when you mix this with Nalini Singh's engaging writing style having a good time while reading is a sure thing.

Rock Hard is the second full-length novel in the series and I liked the book, the first half of it a bit more than the second one. At the end some things were solved a bit too easily for my taste. But overall I enjoyed reading about the main characters, I was rooting for their love story, I was hoping for them to get a nice HEA and of course they did. Compared to the first book in the series "Rock Hard" is maybe not my favorite, but still a book I enjoyed a lot.

Interestingly enough the paranormal books I read by Nalini Singh didn't work for me, however her contemporary romances do, so I will stick to them and I'm already very excited for the next book in this series.

Sweet Hope - Tillie Cole, contemporary romance, fourth and final book in the Sweet Home series
Oh Tillie Cole, of course you had to write another book that nearly damaged my heart, that made me  at times despair and then in the end celebrate. Tillie Cole's books are always pretty dramatic and in some ways maybe a bit over the top, but the author makes this still work for me perfectly, she knows how to create characters that will stay with you, that involves you emotionally, that seem like real people.

"Sweet Hope" is a sexy romance about second chances, about love and in the end about family. Who the hero of the book would be was a big secret until the release date, of course I had a suspicion and in the end it was the right one. I wondered if and how Tillie Cole could make it work, because the hero is definitely not an innocent, white knight, in the past he was everything but. But yeah, Tillie Cole is great at creating characters that are deeply flawed and still very lovable.

I'm sad that the series is now finished, but thank goodness that there are other books by Tillie Cole to check out and to fall in love with.

Happy Reading!


  1. I've read anything from Nalini Singh, but I think I'll give her a books a chance. I thought she only wrote paranormal books.

    1. I think for some time she did, I'm happy that she is now also writing contemporary romances, because her paranormals didn't work for me.

      Happy Reading!




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