23 March 2015

Series/trilogies I want to finish / genres I want to go back to reading more often

While I was rearranging my books recently, I added a shelf on one side to make room on the other side for some boring, yet important documents, I realized that in the last years I started reading a lot of series that I haven't finished yet. Especially when looking at my YA books it was startling to see all those series I haven't finished. Of course after this realization I want to change things, I want to finally finished the series, that I started and liked, I want to know what happened in the last books of some trilogies I started, I want to continue with reading the latest books in other series, I want to finally find out how everything ends and of course I'm hoping to read some amazing books on my journey. 

In this post I want to mention at least a few of the trilogies I want to finish soon and a few of the series I want to continue to read. 

Let's start with the series/trilogies in which all books are already published. I will list all of the books and link to the authors websites', I'm excited to finish

Frontier Magic trilogy series - Patricia C. Wrede
Of Poseidon trilogy - Anna Banks
Tales of Beauty and Madness trilogy - Lili St. Crow
The Faerie Ring quartet - Kiki Hamilton
Mara Dyer trilogy - Michelle Hodkin
Shatter Me troligy - Tahereh Mafi
Earth Star trilogy - Janet Edwards
Magic Most Foul trilogy - Leanna Renee Hieber
The Katerina trilogy - Robin Bridges 
Immortal City trilogy - Scott Speer

As you can tell I started and haven't finished a crazy amount of YA series/trilogies, it's time to change that!

And then there are the series that aren't finished yet, but that I'm also not up to date right now, this I also want to change. And then there are authors of stand alone novels whose newest books I also haven't checked out yet. On this list I have 

Keeper of the Lost Cities series - Shannon Messenger
The Agency series - YS Lee
Fan Art, the latest book by Sarah Tregay
The Raven Boys series - Maggie Stiefvater
The Burning Sky series - Sherry Thomas
Finishing School series - Gail Carriger
Rephaim series - Paula Weston 
The Bone Season series (7!!! books are planned) - Samantha Shannon
Pivot Point trilogy - Kasie West
Love, Lucy, the latest book by April Lindner

Not to mention that I have to check out if some beloved authors recently published any new books, my list will get bigger and bigger for sure. In the future I will try to finish started series sooner and more consequently, because all these unfinished series make me a bit nervous. 

Then I also realized that I miss reading whole genres, especially adult romances. In the last months I haven't read that many adult contemporary romances by new to me authors, I haven't read a lot of historical romances and I haven't tried out any new cozy mysteries. Some light romantic suspense books might also be nice, also some fluffy YA romances. I already discovered some interesting books in the mentioned genres in the last weeks and added them to my wish list, I plan to buy some of them soon and I'm very excited to give some new books a chance, to read about nice people who fall in love with each other and get a beautiful happy ever after. But I'm also open for book recommendations. 

Do you have many unfinished series on your shelves? Which genres do you want to go back to reading more of?

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