29 March 2015

Read: Rainbow Rowell, Nicole Jacquelyn and The Austen Project

In the past I have always used About Happy Books to highlight the good books I read and this will never change. However I want giving short reviews of the books that don't belong to my favorites a try, that way you will get a better overview on my taste in books. In the future whenever you see an "Read: ... post, you know what this means.
Of course I will also continue to review the books I loved reading, the next "Good books" post should be up soon. Btw, the reviews might contain some slight spoilers from time to time, so be warned.

Rainbow Rowell has an unique voice as an author and she always has a special way to create her stories. Because of that not every book by her works for me, however I still love her and will continue to read every new book by her. "Landline" plays partly in the now, partly in the past, the parts that were set in the past worked for me better than the ones in the now. I also struggled a bit to connect with the main characters, whenever this happens it's hard for me to love a book.

But still this book about a marriage that might be at its breaking point is a fascinating novel and once again Rowell manages to bring something new and exciting to the story. I'm sure that many readers will enjoy this book even though it wasn't perfect for me. 

Craving Constellations (#1) ,Craving Redemption (#2), Craving Resurrection (#4) - Nicole Jacquelyn (read as ebooks, link leads to profile on fb, no author website found)
I like darker romances with bikers (MC romances) and heroes that act at times like assholes can also work for me, the books by Nicole Jacquelyn combine both, however they didn't work for me at all. With all three books I liked the female main characters way more than the male ones. In the first book the hero (if you can even call him that) does something that is an absolute no-go for me, the male main character of book #4 is one of the shittiest characters I ever read about, IMO he was no hero at all. To say that I strongly disliked him would be a nice way to describe it. Hero of #2 was ok, but in the end also not consistent enough in his actions, especially when it mattered. 

The author's writing style is compelling and was in the end the only reason why I even finished all three books. I personally can't recommend them, however I know that others really enjoyed the books, it's all about how much assholeness you can take with your heroes and what you are willing to forgive. 

This is one of the books where one half worked better for me than the other. While I enjoyed the first half of the book, I struggled a bit with the second one. There are two reasons for it: The  way some paranormal suspicions were used in the book was a bit ridiculous and unfortunately the love story was one that didn't touch me, I want romances to make me feel a lot, this was missing while reading this retelling of Northanger Abbey.

All in all this was an ok book for me, I'm still excited to go on with the other books in the Austen Project, I already have "Emma" at home and plan to read it soon.

Happy Reading!


  1. Love your reviews, where did all your videos go on YT :(

    1. I had some serious privacy issues related with another channel and no longer felt really safe with sharing videos of me online, I will post an update to that soon.
      Happy Reading!

  2. So sad to read about the privacy issues with your videos :S

    I want to read a book from Rainbow Rowell, it seems like this wasn't perfect but still it seems like lots of people like her books.

    1. Dealing with the privacy issues wasn't easy for me, feeling vulnerable while being online is not a nice feeling, however I learned from it and finally feel comfortable again and this is what counts for me.

      I would start with one of Rowell's YA/NA books, I think they might work better for many readers.
      Happy Reading!




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