18 February 2015

Update / bookish resolutions / looking for book blog & channel recommendations

Believe it or not, after weeks, months really, of rereading old favourites I'm back to reading new to me books from my TBR pile. I reread the whole In Death series and the Ivy League series by Sarina Bowen, I loved pretty much all the books and loved reconnecting with beloved characters and stories. But now it's time to finally take a look at my TBR pile again and to give some new books a chance. I started with doing so on Monday last week and already read five books. I plan to reduce the numbers of books in my TBR pile once again, but it's nothing that stresses me out.

You can expect more regular videos and posts from now on, I didn't have anything new to tell you in the last weeks, I decided to first finish my rereading and to then come back with new content. Next there will be a post with my new books and then a post with three good books I recently read.

My bookish resolutions for 2015 are pretty simple, I want to continue to read whatever I want, whenever I want, however I want to. I want to continue to communicate with readers from all over the world who are excited about books, who read to enjoy their time, who are looking to have a great time with books and other readers.

While thinking about my bookish resolutions I realized that I don't follow that many blogs and booktube channels that concentrate on romances. Love stories will always be my favourite kind of story and I want more of them. I want to read more about adult, new adult and young adult romances, I want to meet more readers who enjoy these kinds of stories and I hope that you can recommend me some great, drama & hate free book blogs and channels.

I hope that your and mine bookish year 2015 will be an amazing one.
Happy Reading!


  1. If you want to visit my blog now and then, I promise you hate and drama free. I post reviews of different kinds of genres, mostly romance, and some interviews. http://boeklogboek.blogspot.nl/

  2. I haven't posted many reviews yet, but I'm beginning to put more on (I haven't been blogging long). Most of the books I read are romance, particularly young adult, as well as a few others! My blog is: http://bookographic.com :)




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