22 February 2015

Good books: Jennifer Estep, Christina Lauren & JD Robb

Three of the books I read in the last weeks are books that IMO deserve a special post and here it is.

Jennifer Estep's books and my taste in stories seem to fit together perfectly. This is already #12 in this Urban Fantasy series with a heroine that is an former assassin and has some special abilities. I love reading about Gin, about all of the other characters I meet in the series, I love when the bad guys get what they deserve and I'm happy, that there will be a few more books in the series. I'm also completely relaxed about the series ending in a few books, because I'm sure that Jennifer Estep will give Gin the ending she deserves. 
Black Widow and pretty much all of the books in the series are a bit darker than my usual books, but somehow it fits to Gin and the world she is living in. For once I actually enjoy the darker moments and the action-packed scenes. 
I also enjoyed the YA series by the author, the Mythos Academy books are IMO definitely worth a read and I'm excited to find out what Black Blade, the new YA series by Estep will be all about, and how Gin's journey will continue in "Spider's Trap". 

This is the second book in a contemporay romance trilogy, I enjoyed the first book a lot, so buying #2 was a must for me. And once again the author duo managed to make me one very happy reader. 
Dirty rowdy thing is hot, entertaining, it makes you laugh out loud, it makes you feel a lot, the characters are wonderfully flawed and when I finished the book I was happy with everything that happened. So far pretty much all of the books I read by Christina Lauren have been highly entertaining, so of course I will be back for more. I still have to give "Sublime", the YA debut by the author duo, a try, and then of course "Beautiful Secret" and "Dark Wild Night" once they are published. 

I was lucky to get this new In Death book nearly two weeks early (I love my local bookstore) and immediately read the book. This is already #40 in the series and I still love each and every new book, "Obsession in Death" is no exception to this rule. I once again enjoyed reading about the dynamic in Eve and Roarke's relationship, the case was a special one and surprised me in a good way. Since I recently reread the whole In Death series, I'm crazy like that, it was very easy to reconnect with all of the characters.
Whatever Nora Roberts writes usually works for me, this hasn't changed in the last years and I hope that it will never change.

I hope that you also managed to read some good books in the last weeks. Happy Reading!

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