07 January 2015


2015 is here and this year I have no specific bookish resolutions, no reading goals, no goals to read a certain genre or author or something like that. My only goal is to go on like I did in the past months

to read when I feel like it, 
to read what looks good to me, 
to read to enjoy myself, 
to read to be a happy reader.

This way to look at reading has worked perfectly for me in 2014, so way change it? I know that for other readers more specific reading goals work just fine, but I'm not other readers. 

Regarding my blog I have a goal and that is to finally post more often (no surprise). I needed this very long break from blogging I took in the 2014, but now I think it could be finally over. I'm not promising anything, but I hope that I will be back to posting more regularly, because my passion for books and reading is still very strong.

I hope that your bookish year 2015 will be an amazing one, that you will read a ton of great books and that you will meet a lot of fascinating characters. 

Happy Reading!


  1. Those are great goals, especially to read when you feel like it!

  2. I've been in a reading/blogging slump and hope to do things the way you've been doing them. That might get me more in the mood to post and read more :) good luck in 2015!!

  3. Great resolution Julchen, just read what you want to read, when you want to read it. Keep the joy alive. And more reviews by you is something to look forward to, as we do like some of the same books. Any chance of you attending the Love Letter Convention in Berlin on Mai 2 and 3?




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