02 November 2014

Good books

In the last weeks I once again managed to read a lot of books and some of them are books I enjoyed a lot, so of course they deserve an extra post. 

Blood Magick - Nora Roberts
This last book in the trilogy was the emotional highlight of the series, I loved the romance, the fight against the bad guy and the happy ending. A nice epilogue would have been nice, however I still loved reading the book. 

Festive in Death - J.D. Robb
A new book in the In death series and of course I enjoyed it, I especially loved the scenes when Eve was gift shopping and gift exchanging, so funny!

The Fixed trilogy - Laurelin Paige
Messed up characters, some over the top developments and still I really enjoyed the book. It was easy to read and to me very entertaining, I'm happy that I gave the book a chance. 

The sound of letting go - Stasia Ward Kehoe
This second book by the author is in my opinion just as brilliant as the first one. I love the author's powerful way with words, her stories are told in free verse in she manages to pack a lot of emotions in not so much text. All of the characters felt as if they were real people and every page was wonderful, I can't wait for the next book by the author. 

Unravel Me - Tahereh Mafi
I honestly didn't expect to love the book, I thought that the new developments wouldn't work for my, but surprisingly they did. The author managed to make me appreciate the new direction the series took and I like that, now I can't wait to get and read the last book in the series.

The Burning Sky - Sherry Thomas
This book was one gripping adventure, you have elements of magic, fantasy but also modern life. You get intrigues, power plays and two young people fighting to save the world. I enjoyed this first book in the series a whole lot and I'm excited for book #2 which was just released. 

The Understatement of the year - Sarina Bowen
I love this book, everything is spot on, both the emotions and the characters belog to some of the best I read this year. The book is #3 in the Ivy League series and so far I love all three books, if you like NA books set at college and like the inclusion of college sports, then this series could be perfect for you.

Sweet Fall - Tillie Cole
This is another third book in a New Adult series that is set at college and has to do with college sports. The series is more dramatic and over the top than the one by Sarina Bowen, but in this case it works for me. The book was a bit of a wild ride with a very nice happy ending. I'm excited for the next book and I'm dying to find out who the hero of the romance will be.

Rock Addiction - Nalini Singh
This first book in the new contemporary rock star romance series by Nalini Singh was a nice surprise for me. Her paranormal series don't work for me, so I was skeptical about this new series. However it gave me exactly what I wanted, likable, at times a bit over the top characters, a nice romance, some hot scenes and a good time. I'm excited to go on with the series and especially for the next full length novel in it. 

Btw, I bought all books myself, most of them through my local bookstore.
Happy Reading!

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