07 October 2014

New Adult romances: Sarina Bowen, Tillie Cole, RS Grey and Samantha Young

In the last year I discovered my love for New Adult books and I want to tell you why especially NA romances have a special place in my heart. I don't even remember the first NA romance I read, however I know that I was immediately drawn to reading about this time in life when so many things change, you start with university or even your first real job, all of a sudden you are seen as a grown up, you are expected to deal with serious things, life is not as it was before. This time in life can be a quiet exciting and dramatic and I think that's why I enjoy NA books so much. I love reading about this time in life when so much can change, when the possibilities seem endless, when you discover who you are. 
When reading NA romances I'm willing to deal with more drama than with other books, I don't know why, but it is that way. 

Some of my favourite YA books and series are:

Sarina Bowen
Ivy League Series
1. The year we fell down
2. The year we hid away
3. The understatement of the year
4. coming 2015

In this series I love all three books equally, every single book is perfect and full of wonderful emotions, you have to read this series.

Tillie Cole
1. Sweet Home
2. Sweet Rome
3. Sweet Fall
4. Sweet Hope

This series is a bit more dramatic and over the top than the one by Sarina Bowen, in this case it works for me.

R.S. Grey
With this heart
Scoring Wilder

The first book is very emotional, the second book very entertaining and sexy, I heart both of them.

Samantha Young
1. Into the deep
2. Out of the shallows

This duology is one I enjoyed a lot, book #2 might not work perfectly for everyone, however I thought that it gave the story a great ending.

Rainbow Rowell

Not as sexy as the other books, the story is a bit more reserved than the others are and the focus is a bit different, still this book is one of the best books I read in some time, you can always trust Rainbow Rowell to create something special.

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