07 October 2014

Update: Rereading book phase

A few weeks ago I suddenly felt the need to reread some of my favourite books, especially favourite romances. From time to time I get this feeling, I never know why but I always listen to my inner reading voice. That's why I reread a lot of books by Betty Neels and some by Nora Roberts in the last weeks. More books by both authors and romances by other authors will follow in the next weeks. 
I'm still reading new books, however not as many as before, at least right now. This rereading phase will be over one day and then my focus will go back to my unread books, my TBR pile has gotten a bit bigger, but it's still ok, so there's no need to rush things. 

I have always loved rereading books, revisiting old favourites warms my heart and makes me happy. The other readers in my family never reread books and don't get that I do, however they accept that readers have different ways to handle their reading experience, so they never make me feel weird about rereading, thank goodness that my family is full of happy readers.

Do you like to reread books?

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