30 August 2014

Good books #3- Isla, curses, goblins and more

New good books are waiting to be talked about.

Isla and the happily ever after - Stephanie Perkins (contemporary romance YA)
Finally we got the last book in the Anna, Lola & Isla series, I heart all three books deeply and Isla gave me pretty much exactly what I wanted. The book was sweet, it made me laugh and feel a lot. I would have loved to get some chapters from Josh's POV, but still this is one great book. 

Theodosia and the Serpents of Chaos - RL La Fevers (children's novel)
This is the first book in a series full of adventures, cursed artifacts, one crazy cat and a special eleven year old girl. I was from the first sentenced on charmed by the story and especially the young heroine, I loved reading about her adventures and can't wait to read more about her in the second book of the series. 

Long live the queen - Kate Locke (paranormal romance adult)
The last book in the "The Immortal Empire" trilogy was just right. Mysteries got solved, bad guys stopped and Xandra was once again in top form. I enjoyed this trilogy a whole lot and would recommend it to all fans of paranormal romances and urban fantasy books. If you like your books to be full of intrigues, special paranormal beings, some darkness (but not too much) and romance, then this trilogy could be for you. 

Looking for me - Beth Hoffman (fiction, adult)
Special, emotional, heart-warming and pretty much perfect, Beth Hoffman always manages to touch me deeply, her writing style is so effortless and her characters are like real people. Her books are a must for me. 

Risky Game - Tracy Solheim (contemporary sports romance adult)
This was an entertaining romance, the ending was not perfect, but overall I had a good time while reading the book. 

Sweet Filthy Boy -  Christina Lauren (contemporary sexy romance adult)
Sexy, lovely, funny and very entertaining, this would be my very short description of this first book in a new trilogy by the author duo. I can't wait to read the next book. 

Baby Proof - Emily Giffin (chick lit/contemporary romance adult)
Between Emily Giffin and me is this mysterious, special author/reader connection. She can make things work for me that wouldn't in other books. I once again enjoyed reading about the characters, their relationships and issues. 

Die for me - Amy Plum (paranormal romance YA)
This was an entertaining novel, I didn't love the book, but liked it and I plan to go on with the series. The plot is not that new, but still worked for me and that is what counts. I need to find out what will happen next. 

Btw, I finally read two books by John Green. "The fault in our stars" was ok, but the story didn't get my emotions involved, plus the characters seemed a bit too flat for my taste and I didn't believe in the romance for one second. Then I read "An abundance of Katherines" and I did not like the book, the male main character drove me crazy and I constantly wanted to shake him. 
I'm a bit sorry that I didn't feel the special emotions other readers feel when reading books by John Green, but something major was missing from both books to make them work for me. Sometimes you love a book, sometimes you don't, that's life. 

Interested in reading one of the books? I'm sure that you can get them through your local bookstore or library. 


  1. This is a big surprise! I'm delighted that you enjoyed "Looking for Me" as much as you did "Saving CeeCee Honeycutt" -- Thank you for your kind word! You made me smile.

    1. Thanks to you for writing these wonderful books, I'm already looking forward to the next one.




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