03 February 2014

The Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer - a poem

Today I finished "Cress", book #3 in the Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer. I loved every single sentence of the book, it was that brilliant. To honour the book and the whole series I created this little poem.

you are the first cyborg I met
you opened my eyes to new worlds
made me curious for more
delighted me with a mix of emotions, intrigue and action
not so helpless in the big, dark wood
you and your courage took my heart
I fell in love with you and the beast
you left me breathless 
all alone at first, but never without hope
you took my love for the series to new, epic heights
every sentence of you was breathtaking
you made me cry, despair, laugh, love and hope 
going mad or not, who knows
one year without you will break my heart
I'm sure you will be utter brilliance
please give me the happy ending I crave


  1. I love your poems especially the last one. I haven't read Cress yet but I'm sure it'll e as great as the first two <3

    - Farzy @ Books Keep Me Sane

    1. In my opinion it's just as great as the first two books, can't wait to read Winter next year.

  2. ROFL! I have also reviewed certain novels in verse. I only wish I had read Jonathan Franzen's "Freedom" in the winter - then I might have penned the following:

    Winter/Patty, frozen on the porch/of zealous exploring ex/like a songbird before cats I/ "am naive to" winter/in the Yukon.

    1. Isn't it amazing that books can make us feel so much? I love it.




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