23 January 2014

Good books of 2013

I may be a few weeks late but I still want to show you my favourite books from 2013. I put every book in this post that I fell in love with last year, publishing dates don't matter to me. If you look at my pile you can see that in 2013 I have more young adult books on my list than adult books. I don't know why, but last year I was disappointed by some adult books that I expected to love. I hope that this year I will discover some new to me authors of adult romances that will rock my world. 

All in all I read around 300 books in 2013, I know that for some that's a crazy number, but for me it's pretty normal. Btw, I didn't count the books I reread, I never do. Of course I didn't love every book I read in 2013, some books I even hated. But overall I had a good reading year especially because I learned to be more relaxed about reading slumps and not liking books I wanted to love. I'm now a very relaxed reader who can focus on the good books without any issues and I love that.

My favourite books of 2013

Young Adult


Happy Reading!


  1. Lovely stack Julchen, and yes, 300 without counting re-reads, is ginormous. I look forward to reading Dark Wytch by Nora Roberts, and I still love Anne of Green Gables.

  2. This is what happy looks like is amazing! i will definitely have a look at some of those other books... brilliant x




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