01 January 2014

Reading next #31 - new year and new books

2014 starts with a new reading pile for me, it couldn't be more perfect. The new pile is a great mix of books by authors that are new to me and of second books in series in which I loved the first books. I'm hoping that this reading pile will be an amazing one.

The new books I'm planning to read in the next days are
The Unfailing Light - Robin Bridges
The Dream Thieves - Maggie Stiefvater
Love Overdue - Pamela Morsi
Confessions of an almost-girlfriend - Louise Rozott
The Caged Graves - Dianne K. Salerni
Across a star-swept sea - Diana Peterfreund (companion novel to "For Darkness shows the star")
Ten - Gretchen McNeil
So pretty it hurts - Kate White
Where's you go Bernadette? - Maria Semple
The Dark Unwinding - Sharon Cameron
Dark Light of Day - Jill Archer
One - Leigh Ann Kopans

What are you reading now & next?

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