01 January 2014

Reading next #30 - it's a wrap

Reading pile #30 is history and overall it was an ok one. In the end it took me a long time to finish this reading pile because I read a lot of other books (ebooks, older books, new books) in between. I decided to take "The Dream Thieves" and "The Unfaliling Light" over to my new reading pile #31 because I finally want to start with it. 

I struggled with some of the books of this reading pile and even hated one of the main characters (the one from "Just one year"). On the other hand I also fell in love with one book, "The 10 P.M. Question" and also enjoyed "Midnight Frost" and "Warrior's Moon". Btw, don't read the very emotional ending of "The 10 P.M. Question" while you are in public, it might be hard to control your tears. I read the book while being on the train and of course had to cry a lot. 
One book that wasn't on my reading pile but that deserves a mention, because I recently read it and it was fantastic is "The Clockwork Scarab" by Colleen Gleason. The book is a steampunkish YA book with a dangerous society, a bit of time-travelling, a murder investigation and two of the best YA heroines I have seen in some time. I can't wait to read the next book in the trilogy (?).

Which good books did you recently read?

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