28 September 2013

Ebooks? From time to time I manage to read some

Most of the books I read are print books, however from time to time I also read ebooks. Now that I'm finally in the mood to write reviews again I thought it would be nice to talk about some of the ebooks that entertained me in the last months, today's three books are all romances that made my heart all warm and happy and that deserve to be talked about. 

"Never Say No to a Caffarelli" by Melanie Milburne is the first Harlequin book in some time that I loved. In the last two years I struggled a bit with way too arrogant heroes and love stories that lacked romance and real emotions. But this time Melanie Milburne managed to grab my interest completely and to make me feel a lot of deep emotions when reading her book even though it's on first glance not that different compared to other romances by Harlequin. In this book you also have the arrogant, rich hero and the rather shy and unexperienced heroine. They meet and of course there is an instant and strong attraction, lots of issues and drama to overcome, passion and finally love. Melanie Milburne made these things work for me, she made me root for Poppy and Rafe and to not concentrate too much on the little things that bothered me. When an author manages to grab your brain and your heart, a great reading experience is normally the result and this is exactly what happened when I read "Never Say No to a Caffarelli". 

Melanie Milburne has been one of my favourite authors by Harlequin in the past and that hasn't changed, I'm definitely excited to read her next book.

Sports romances are something I have enjoyed reading for some years now and "The Winning Season" by Alison Packard is a good addition to my favourites in this part of the romance genre. The book had a very good mix of romance and sports elements. The romance was swoon-worthy and I rooted for Kelly and Matt to get their happily ever after. Kelly and Matt were a fascinating pair, both with strong opinions and not shy about voicing their thoughts, I loved both about them. Their relationship felt real to me and the struggles in their relationship were not too dramatic. Ok, at the end of the book there is drama, but not too much. 

The romance, the witty scenes, the sexy times and the likable characters made "The winning season" a good book. I'm not sure if there will be more books by Alison Packard with characters from "The winning season" by I hope so, I would definitely buy a copy. 

"Lovestruck in London" by Rachel Schurig is exactly my kind of contemporary romance. The story was sweet and not too dramatic, the characters were very likable and the romance was heart-warming. I especially loved that Rachel Schurig stayed away from making her story overly dramatic, she let her characters stay true to who they are and let them keep their sanity in times of stress and drama. This is not a loud book with lot's of dramatic events, this is a quiet, wonderful love story that made me smile a lot, that made me wish that Lizzie and Thomas were real people instead of book characters. I loved that especially Lizzie gained confidence and strength throughout the book and that she and Thomas fought for their love.

This was my first book by Rachel Schurig but it will not be my last, I plan to check out some of her older books and I'm very excited that Lizzie and Thomas will star in a new Lovestruck novel coming this winter.


  1. Very nice review Julchen. I can recommend Sierra Dean's latest book, which is a sports romance. I never expected to love it.

    1. Thanks for the recommendation.

  2. I've got to admit that I'm wary about that "New Adult" label (may call it most of the time stupid sex story as well), but the reviews for Rachel Shurig do sound promising.
    Going to give it a chance.

    1. I like these "stupid sex stories" from time to time, not with every book, but sometimes they entertain me and work for me. :)

      The books by Shurig feel more like normal adult romances, they are not as dramatic and young as many other NA books are.

      Happy Reading!




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