16 September 2013

Thankless in death - J.D. Robb

Some of you might remember the times when all I posted on About Happy Books were reviews of the good books I read. In the last months I was a bit tired of writing reviews and concentrated on other things, but this will change today thanks to "Thankless in death". I read the book over the weekend, of course loved it and want to share a few thoughts on the book with you, here we go. 

I was very lucky and did get my preordered copy of the book a few days early, as you can imagine I did a happy dance when the book arrived in the mail and I immediately started with reading it. 

A woman and man are brutally murdered and Eve & her team have to find out who did it before there will be other victims. The case was a gruesome one and even though Eve knew pretty much from the get go who the bad guy was, it was still exciting to see how she solved the case and how she ran the investigation. 

The focus was half on the case and half on Eve and her dealing with Thanksgiving and her "family". I love it when Eve is dealing with Roarke, his family, her friends and colleagues. When she is baffled by their love and support of her, when she can give back. In "Thankless in death" there are several scenes in which Eve's kindness shone through and I loved that, she did several little, very thoughtful things that made me smile a lot and because of these scenes I love her even more than I already did. I adore it when Eve does unexpected things and shows her love for other people. Especially the ending was heart-warming and made me cry, it was nice to meet some characters from older books in the series and to share some short moments with them. 

The preview for "Concealed in death", the next book in the series, is in the back of "Thankless in death" and it sounds amazing and very emotional, I'm very happy that the series is still going so strong for me and that after over thirty books with Eve & Roarke I'm still excited about every new story surrounding them. 


  1. I so love this series, and look forward to reading it myself (so I did not read your review, only the introduction). Glad you are reviewing again Julchen.

  2. I love this series, I haven't read them all yet but I'll get there one day (this is what happens when you come to a series late on). I have no idea how JD Robb/Nora Roberts manages to come up with so many books!





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