13 July 2013

Reading next #25 - it's a wrap

My wrap-up on "Reading next #25" is already here and I just realized that I forgot to show you the books when I started with the reading pile, shame on me. ;) Maybe I already knew in the back of my mind that this reading pile wouldn't be the best of the last weeks and months. Out of the books you can see above only three belongs to what I like to call "Good books".

Before I start with telling you which books I liked, I want to show you at first which books were part of my "Reading pile #25".

Quinn - R.C. Ryan
I wished for you - Amy Huberman
The night before christmas - Scarlett Bailey
From dirt to diamonds - Julia James
The perks of being a wallflower - Stephen Chbosky
Die Drachenkämpferin - Licia Trosi
Adaptation - Malinda Lo
Haunting Violet - Alexandra Harvey
In Honor - Jessi Kirby
Temptation of Angels - Michelle Zink

The three books from the ones above that did work for me are "From dirt to diamonds", "Die Drachenkämpferin" and "Haunting Violet".

"From dirt to diamonds" is a typical Harlequin story and was because of that fact a bit predictable, but I still enjoyed it a lot. I liked reading about both main characters and the love story touched me, of course the hero was way too arrogant at times and the happy end seemed a bit too easy, but that's actually something I look forward to in the romances by Harlequin, sometimes that's just what I need and want from a book.

"Die Drachenkämpferin" (translated it would be "The dragon fighter") includes all three books of the trilogy, no wonder it's over 1200 pages thick! At times the story dragged on a bit but overall I liked reading it and was fascinated by what was going on. There's magic in the book, intrigues, tragedies, loss, hope, love and deadly fights against a army that seems impossible to win against. There are a lot of action scenes, but also some slower, quieter ones and I liked the mix a lot. I loved that the author showed that being a warrior and killing people can change parts of who you are and I also loved the way she wrote her heroine. I have rarely seen a heroine that is so strong, stubborn and also vulnerable. I think I will definitely give other trilogies by the author a chance in the future.

"Haunting Violet" was a very nice surprise for me, I read some mixed review on the book before buying it and wasn't too sure what to expect of the story. What I got was an interesting story about ghosts, murder, illusions and trying to solve a deadly mystery. This YA book gave me a good, solid story and main characters I liked reading about. It's not a book with a lot of action and I also liked that, because that way the author could concentrate on her characters and I liked the result of it. The ending of the book is good but also a bit open, I definitely would love to read more about the world and the characters from "Haunting Violet".

Have you already read one of the books? What did you think about it?


  1. Hehe ... really like your opinion about "Temptation of Angels" :D Sometimes the heroine in a book just a little bit stupid!

    1. True, but to be honest it doesn't happen that often to me.

  2. Great, I was unsure about Hunting Violet but your short rev convinced me - I'll give it a try:). 'Die Drachenkämpferin' sounds interesting. But at last I had serious problems reading in German. That never happend before and is kind of frightening. Maybe I should try a re-read of some all time favourites?
    Happy reading.

    1. I have the same issues when reading a lot of English books in a row, that*s why I try to read more German books. I don't want to feel weird when reading German books, that would be a horrible development.

  3. I really did enjoy The Perks of being a Wallflower. I found that I liked the letter writing style. I think the reason I liked it is because of the shock at the end and that just in general Charlie was such a sweet guy. Clearly he had some stuff to work through though.

    I can completely understand why you wouldn't have liked it though. It is one of those books that gets a lot of mixed reactions.




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