11 May 2013

Buying books is fun

It's that day of the week, that day when it's time to share the new books I bought. This week I bought eight new books and all look very shiny, pretty and happy.

The new books I bought are
Belle & Book and the Goodnight Kiss - Mandy Sutcliffe
I wished for you - Amy Huberman
Mermaid - Carolyn Turgeon
Fortunes' Women - DeNosky, Colley and Betts
Bronze Gods - A.A. Aguirre
Howl's moving castle - Diana Wynne Jones
A Christmas Carol - Charles Dickens
You don't know me - Sophia Bennett

Which new books did you get in the last seven days?


  1. In the last days, I think it was on wednesday, I bought "Release Me" by J. Kenner :) I heard good things about the book and I enjoyed the example so I bought it :) Than amazon delivered me "Fury of Fire" the book 1 in the Dragonfury Series by Coreene Callahan, which I preorder a fews months ago :) Very exciting about the books and can't wait the read them :D

    1. I want to read "Release me" soon, so I hope that you will enjoy it. And I need to check out "Fury of Fire", because I love the title.
      Happy Reading!

  2. I get 'Artikel 5' from Kristen Simmons and The Wolfes of Mercy Falls series from Maggie Stiefvater - all books via my blog colleague Nina (she's such a sweetheart). I bought Down London Road (2nd of On Dublin Street) from Samantha Young and Twisted Summer from Lucy Morgan. These two I've read already - both have been a bit disappointing. Compared to Joss and Braden from On Dublin Street I didn't get a deep connection with Jo and Cam from Down London Road. The erotic component was usual but not breathtaking.
    The same with Twisted Summer. And after half of it I didn't like the heroine anymore and in addition the end wasn't reliable.
    I'm looking forward to 'Artikel 5' and 'Shades of Earth' now which are on my tbr for next week.
    Happy reading.

    1. I want a colleague like you have. ;) Most of the people I know outside of my family don't like to read as much as I did. And I'm sorry that the two books were a bit disappointing, that recently also happened to me, but on the other hand some books also surprised me in a very good way, so all is good. :)

  3. Just found your blog, following. I bought Karin slaughter's criminal and I'm currently half way through. :)

    1. Welcome to the blog, and I hope that you enjoy the book you are reading right now.

  4. There is nothing better than shiny new books!




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