19 May 2013

Buying books is fun - big & pretty books

Eight new books have moved into my little home library and here they are.

Ulysses - James Joyce
Wildwood - Colin Meloy
Strictly Seduction - Shelley Bradley
Grimm - Christoph Marzi
Gabriel's Rapture - Sylvain Reynard; first book in the series: Gabriel's Inferno
The night before Christmas - Scarlett Bailey
Sweet Peril - Wendy Higgins; first book in the series: Sweet Evil
Of Poseidon - Anna Banks

I hope that you also managed to buy some great new books in the last week. Happy Reading!


  1. Replies
    1. I agree, the cover design is fantastic.

  2. I saw "Grimm" a few days ago in the bookstore. The cover looks beautiful, but the story seems not so interesting for me, so I spend my money by other books :D I orderd "The great gatsby" by amazon and I hope it will arrive next week! :)

    1. The main thing I'm excited about "Grimm" is finding out id Marzis books are something for me, it's time to give him a chance. :)

  3. OMG you'll give Ulysses a try. I hope you will enjoy it. I know only a few persons who've read the book and they are all linguists or angelists. Anyway, happy reading when it's finally on your tbr pile:)

    1. Honestly by now I'm a bit afraid of Ulysses because so many other readers said that it's a hard book to get through, hope I will survive it. ;)

  4. Where did you find Grimm in English??

    1. It's actually the German version of the book, I don't think that there is an English version of the book so far. I'm German, so reading the book will be noe problem for me. :)

  5. Those are some hefty tomes you've got there! I have Wildwood in Mt. Read Me. I love that you read such a variety of books!




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