26 April 2013

Reading next #20 - it's a wrap

Reading pile #20 is already history. Yesterday I finished the last book from the reading pile and now I want to share my thoughts on the books with you. Overall it was a really good reading pile, even though one book frustrated me quiet a bit.

Anne of the Island - L.M. Montgomery
I enjoyed the book, but not as much as "Anne of Green Gables". I once again liked reading about Anne, her wit and charm are always something to look forward to. But the relationships, especially Anne's relationship with a young man, did just not work for me.

Tiger's Curse - Colleen Houck
Only one more book to go and then I have finally read the whole Tiger Saga. You already know that I enjoyed the last two books in the series a lot, and I also liked this first book, but some things also bothered me. For example I did not like reading about Kishan in this book, I liked him in the other books, but not anymore. He acted like an ass for most of the time and annoyed me. But the book was still entertaining and fascinating. I very excited to read book #2 and then to know the whole story.

Heatseeker - Lucy Monroe
This was a typical romantic suspense book by Lucy Monroe. You have lots of intelligent, strong characters, two love stories that warm your heart (one between the heroine and hero, the second, smaller one, between two men that are team members of the hero), some really bad guys, action scenes and dangerous times. Plus some sexy times and romance. For me this combination was nearly perfect and I will definitely go on with reading the next book in the series.

Gabriel's Inferno - Sylvain Reynard
This first book in a contemporary (erotic?) romance trilogy was another good book. The relationship between the hero and heroine is very complex and at times messed up, the feelings in the relationship are super intense and even though both characters are not without flaws I still enjoyed reading about them a lot. The book was tamer than I thought it would be, that's why I'm not sure if it's really an erotic romance, even though there were not that many sex scenes, there were a lot of erotic moments. Overall I enjoyed this book and will definitely go on with the series. Book #2 will be bought soon. :)

Cupcakes at Carrington's - Alexandra Brown
This chick lit book should have been perfect for me, but from beginning to end I struggled with the writing style. From the first sentences on I tried hard to connect with the story, but it didn't work. I would still recommend this book to all fans of chick lit novels because the story is charming and lovely, but it just wasn't for me.

Night School Legacy - C.J. Daugherty
I really wanted to like the book because there is so much potential in the story. But unfortunately I had serious issues with how the author dealt with something that happened in the first book of this YA series.
Big spoilers coming!!!
In the first book the heroine is pushed into a wall by a guy, he groped her and forced kisses on her even though she clearly didn't want it, he only stopped because another guy came to rescue the heroine. So the heroine was sexually assault by this one ass in the first book of the series. And now in book #2 of the series the heroine becomes first friends with the guy who sexually assaulted her just a few months ago and then even gets together with him. This was a no go for me and I'm not happy with the message this whole situation sents to readers. There were other things I enjoyed in the book, but the whole mess overshadowed everything for me. 

The Madman's Daughter - Megan Shepherd
This YA book with historical and SciFi elements (elements a bit similar to what happens in Frankenstein) was fresh and quiet fascinating. There is a kind of love triangle, but it's not the main focus of the book and how it's solved is fascinating and a bit shocking. And there are weird beings who were created by a madman. Plus there is this young, courageous women who tries to stop the craziness. Some things were a bit over the top, but I didn't really care about that. Other things in the novel fascinated and entertained me so much, so it was easy to not focus on some slight issues. The ending surprised me a bit and I'm very excited for the next book in the series.

The lost art of keeping secrets - Eva Rice
This chick lit book that plays in the past (starting in the 1950s), should have been perfect for me. And yes, the book was charming and lovely, but the writing style was not for me. That's why I struggled with connecting with the characters and the story. So for me this was an ok book.

Legacy of the Clockwork Key - Kristin Bailey
This was a fresh YA book with very interesting steampunk elements. I loved the mix of the historical, mystery, steampunk and romance elements. There is a secret order of inventors and some of them are very dangerous and willing to do everything to gain power. Then you have this young woman who's parents died and who finds out that she holds the key to unravel some of the mysteries of the inventors. I liked the mix of faster and slower scenes and that there is no love triangle. I also enjoyed that when the book is finished most of the questions are answered, but there are still enough mysteries to solve to make the next books in the trilogy (series?) fascinating and thrilling.

Let the sky fall - Shannon Messenger
This was another good and fresh YA book. It has to do with air elementals, with deadly secrets, bad guys, finding out who you are and fighting for what you care about.
I loved reading about the two main characters, that the book is told from both their POVs is fantastic. The relationship between them progressed in a great way, everything felt like a natural and good development. Everything that had to do with the air elementals was fascinating and so interesting. I loved finding out more about their powers and society. The love story was also very good, I hope that it will stay this way in book #2 and that it will not turn in a kind of love triangle, Because in my opinion there is no room for that in the story. I will definitely go on with this series.

And I read two more books, books I didn't include in my original reading pile. I read both books as ebooks on my smartphone.

Mila 2.0 - Debra Driza
I enjoyed the first few chapters of this YA SciFi book a whole lot. Mila, the heroine of the story, recently lost her father in a fire and since that day something weird is going on with her. She can't remember anything from the day of the fire and realizes that certain things about her have changed. But she has no idea what happened and her mom is not willing to give her any clues. In the first chapters of the book you have no idea what is going on with Mila but you crave to discover it. Because you can guess that it's something big and serious. In the first chapters it was fascinating to read about Mila's fresh start at a new school and about the nice guy she met there.

But then things changed and it was revealed what was going on with Mila. Unfortunately the explanation to the whole situation was not one I enjoyed that much. I don't want to give away too much, but I can tell you that it has to do with the military. Things got very dramatic and dangerous after the revelation, and unfortunately my interest in the story started to cease. But I'm sure that if the explanation will work better for you than it did for me, that you then might enjoy this book a lot.

For me it was a book with a great start and an ok rest. Right now I'm not sure if I will go on with the series or not, I might read on because I want to know what will happen next with Mila.

Wedding Night - Sophie Kinsella
Wedding Night is the newest stand-alone novel by Sophie Kinsella and it's a book I enjoyed, but that at times was a bit too over the top for me. It's a tale of two sisters, told in alternating POVs, and their lifes, especially their romances.

I enjoyed reading about the relationship between the sisters, I liked that they supported each other and tried their best to be there for each other. Their romances were at times fascinating to read about, but sometimes a bit too crazy and annoying. In one scene a few honest words, a honest discussion between two adults would have solved everything. But instead there was no talk and chaotic times followed. I often like reading about these chaotic times, because they can be quiet hilarious and charming. But in "Wedding Night" I sometimes got the feeling that things were a bit too constructed, maybe that's why I could not always laugh in funny moments.

But there are also a lot of lovely and charming moments in "Wedding Night" that I enjoyed, so for me it's an ok to good book. It's not the big hit I was hoping for, but it's also not a miss. I think if you like chick lit novels about sisters and their, at times, crazy relationships, then this might be a great book for you.

Did you already read one of the books from this reading pile? What did you think about it?


  1. Let the Sky Fall is allready on my wishlist. And Legacy of the Clockwork Key sounds so good. Think I'll never get a chance to read all the books on the list because it is growing much faster than I'm able to read.

    1. I have the same problem, every week I'm adding so many books to my wishlist and there is never enough money and time to get and read them all.




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