12 April 2013

Reading next #19 - it's a wrap (finally)

Woho, I finally managed to read the last book from my #19 reading pile. It took me over a month to get through the reading people, but I don't feel bad about it. I enjoyed reading most of the books on my reading pile and that is all that matters. I loved two of the books, Whiskey Beach and Anne of Green Gables, and enjoyed most of the other books as well.

The books on my #19 reading pile were

Ditched - Robin Mellom
contemporary YA, stand-alone

Some things in the book worked for me, others frustrated me because they made no sense. This was an ok book for me and even though I did not love the story, the book was still a nice start into this reading pile.

Needled to death - Maggie Sefton
cozy mystery, adult, A Knitting Mystery #2

Another good book in this cozy mystery series. The mystery seemed at times a bit too constructed and all the knitting started to annoy me a bit, but the story was still very entertaining and lovely. I will definitely go on with reading book #3 in the series.

Tiger's Destiny - Colleen Houck
fantasy, YA, #4 in the Tiger saga

I enjoyed this final (?) book in the series a lot and once again the love triangle worked for me, I know that this is shocking! I wish that some decisions regarding the relationships in the book would have been made earlier and not shortly before the ending, but still everything that was going on somehow worked for me and felt right. Now that I have read book #3 and #4 in the series, I'm super excited to find out how everything started.

Hip Check - Deirdre Martin
contemporary romance, adult, #10 in the New York Blades series, the books can be read as stand-alones

This was another lovely and very good contemporary romance. I liked all of the main characters and enjoyed how their romance developed. The big break up seemed a bit forced, the drama surrounding it made not always sense to me, but I was ok with it because it got my happy ending. :)

Bared to you & Reflected in You - Sylvia Day
erotic romance, adult, #1 & #2 in the Crossfire series

These two books were very entertaining, sexy and full of emotional moments. Not everything in the books worked for me, especially the best friend of the heroine annoyed me a lot. And still I was entertained by the books and plan to read the third and final book of the series as soon as it's out. If you like erotic romances, some drama and deeply wounded characters, then this series could be something for you.

Whiskey Beach - Nora Roberts
stand-alone, romantic suspense, adult

This was another great and emotional book by Nora Roberts. I loved reading about the hero and heroine of the story, they were both fascinating characters that went through hell in the past and deserved the second chance they got. At the end of the book I felt as if they had become friends of mine and I loved that. The mystery was also quiet good and it was not that easy to guess what was really going on.

Magus of Stonewylde - Kit Berry
fantasy, YA, #1 in the Stonewylde series

I thought that the premise of the book was fascinating, but unfortunately the world building in the book did not work for me. I could not believe that such a place as Stonewylde could really exist in modern Great Britain, plus I struggled a bit with the characters. This was an ok book for me.

The Game - Krystyna Kuhn (my copy is the German original)
mystery, YA, The Valley season 1 #1

This YA book was quiet mysterious, from beginning to end. It plays at a school that is set in a secluded valley and weird things are going on there. At times things were too weird and seemed a bit to far-fetched for me. I guess that's why I could not connect to the story as much as I wanted to, this was an ok book for me.

Come fly with - Addison Fox
contemporary romance, adult, #2 in the Alaskan Nights series

This was another very nice and lovely romance in the Alaskan Nights series. I enjoyed reading about the main pair a lot, one of the secondary pairs did not work for me, but all in all this didn't bother me too much. I like the cozy town the book is set in and I'm very excited for the next book in the series.

Anne of Green Gables - L.M. Montgomery
stand-alone, children's book

I adore this book and loved everything about it. The story is full of charm, wit, love, friendship and adventure. I especially loved reading about Anne, she is such a special and lovable character. For once I'm happy that there will be more books in the series because I want more of Anne.

Daughter of smoke and bone - Laini Taylor
fantasy, YA, #1 in the series

Some parts of the book worked for me, others didn't. I enjoyed the world-building, it was quiet fascinating and unique. But the love story did not work for me, I could not believe in the chemistry and the emotions between the hero and heroine. I plan to go on with the second book in the series, but it's not a book I'm going to rush out to buy it. I can definitely wait for it until a paperback version is out.


  1. Congrats on finishing pile #19. :) And glad you liked Anne so much... I just read that book last year for the first time.

    1. Good to know that I'm not the only one who is a bit late with discovering Anne and her adventures. :)




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