27 March 2013

My thoughts on lists, hysteria and assassins

Even though I'm still not finished with reading my current reading pile, I still read some other books in between last week. All of a sudden I was in the mood to read some recently released YA books and that's what I did. I picked up "The Reece Malcolm List", "Hysteria" and "Sister Assassin" (Mind Games) from my TBR pile, read the books and now I'm ready to share my thoughts on them.

"The Reece Malcolm List" by Amy Spalding is a book I read a lot of very positive and enthusiastic reviews on in the last weeks. So of course I expected the book to be fantastic, but unfortunately I was a bit disappointed by it. I loved the idea of the book with the list of things you know about your mom and I'm normally a fan of these second chances stories. But several things in this book did not work for me. The characters and the emotions between seem stayed too superficial for my taste. I wanted more tension, more emotions and more details. Plus the romance between Devan and a boy she met at her new school did not work for me. I did not believe in their feelings and I think the book would have worked better for me without the romance. Plus the writing style did not manage to fascinate me and to make me crave more by the author.

What I enjoyed about the book were all the friendship moments between Devan and her new friends. I liked how they got to know each other and how they became friends. I also enjoyed how Devan continued to work on her list and how she got to know her mom. Even though I did not enjoy everything about this book, the story still entertained me and overall it was an ok reading experience.

"Hysteria" by Megan Miranda is a book I was very excited to read. Last year I read "Fracture" by the author and I enjoyed the book a lot because it was crazy, thrilling and extraordinary. I expected the same from "Hysteria" and I got it. The story was once again very special and thrilling. At times I didn't know what was going on and several developments surprised me a lot.

In the past something bad happened to Mallory, the heroine of the story. She was involved in a situation that forces her to leave home and to start at a new school. But the weird things are not stopping, they seem to follow her wherever she goes.

"Hysteria" takes you on one wild ride, it often leaves you a bit breathless and without knowledge what will happen next. I think at times too many different, crazy things were going on. I would have liked to have more scenes with Mallory and her best friend from home, and with Mallory and the young man she is inetrested in. At times less action and more relaxed scenes would have been nice. But don't get me wrong, I still enjoyed "Hysteria" and I'm already very excited for the next book by Megan Miranda, because she always manages to surprise and thrill me.

"Sister Assassin" by Kiersten White was my favourite book of this YA trio. The book is a bit crazy, full of messed up characters who are living in a kind of prison and are forced to do things they don't want to. In the center of the book are two sisters with special abilities, these abilities made them a target for a dangerous and powerful organisation. But now things are changing and the two sisters have to fight hard to survive.

One of my highlights of the book were the characters, I was fascinated by them and was always very excited to find out what would happen next. The relationship between Fia and Annie, the two sisters, was very emotional and I enjoyed every second of reading about them. Their relationship is not an easy one and the reader is in for some big surprises throughout the story. The book took me on one wild ride and that was exactly what I was hoping for. I could connect to the story completely and loved the author's writing style. For once I'm happy that this book is the first book in a trilogy because I want more of the craziness and messed up things from "Sister Assassin".


  1. I must add these books to by TBR pile. Great video Sabrina!!! :0)

    1. Thanks! I was quiet happy that I enjoyed two out of these three books a lot.

  2. It's actually a great and helpful piece of information. On my list it goes! Thanks for sharing.




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