24 February 2013

Good books: In Death, deadly knitting & a double life

In the past weeks I read a lot of new books, but most of them didn't make it on my good books list. I read a lot of ok books and some that just weren't for me. But wait, of course I also read some books that made me excited for more, that entertained me a lot, that made me happy to be a reader. And this post is a big fat thank to three of those good books.

The first good book I read in the last weeks is "Tarnished" by Karina Cooper. I already talked a bit about the book in my "Good books I read in January" post, but it deserves some more of my time. "Tarnished" is the first book in a steampunk, paranormal romance series, it's a book with wonderfully complex characters, it's a book with many secrets and mysteries, it's a book with a heroine who has this little addiction to opium. And it's a book with murder, it's about being loyal, being there for your friends and of making the most out of your situation. It's about being part of the noble society, but on the other hand on spending your nights with the shadier parts of society.

first sentences of "Tarnished"

I was nine years old when I picked my first pocket. A fog shrouds much of my childhood, but I do remember this: that cold spring night, I lifted threepence, a small pocket watch, one embroidered handkerchief, and the torn stub of the gentleman’s circus ticket.

Added to all this all of the main characters have their own personal struggles, the mix was very alluring and fascinating. I read "Tarnished" within one day, already bought "Gilded", the second book in the series and can't wait to read it.

"Knit one, Kill two" by Maggie Sefton is the first book in a cozy mystery series and lately I have been desperate to find a new cozy series to read and heart. After I read "Knit one, kill two" I no longer have to search for one, because this book contains everything that I want from a great cozy mystery. There are smart, nice main characters, always a must for me in a cozy. The town the series is set in is quiet lovely and full of interesting citizens. The mystery was fascinating and I liked guessing who the bad guy was. Plus there is the possibility of a romance, no wonder that I enjoyed everything about this book so much. And even though I'm personally not a fan of knitting and probably never will be, I even enjoyed reading about all the knitting in the book, it's a small wonder. :)

first sentences of "Knit one, kill two"

Kelly Flynn nosed her car onto the gravel driveway and pulled a stop in front of the familiar  little house perched beside a golf course. Everything looked the same.  ...  It was all picture-postcard pretty, just like Kelly remembered, excerpt for one thing. Aunt Helen was dead - murdered a week ago in her picturesque cottage.

I want more of Kelly Flynn's amateur sleuthing, of her new start, of her new friendships and her new-found love for knitting. "Needled to death", book #2 in the series is already in my tbr pile and I'm excited to read it.

When "Calculated in Death" by J.D. Robb arrived in the mail last week, I was a bit surprised. The book will be published next week, but my preorder arrived super early. But believe me, I'm not going to complain about having the possibility of reading a book in my beloved In death series a few days early. This In death book is one of the case driven ones. Of course there are also some adoring little scenes between Eve and Roarke, some super funny ones between Eve and Galahad, and more between all the other characters. But mostly it was about finding out who the bad guy was and why he felt the need to murder an innocent woman.

first sentences of "Calculated in death"

A killer wind hurled bitter November air, toothy little knives to gnaw at the bones. She'd forgotten her gloves, but that was just as well as she'd have ruined yet another overpriced pair once she'd sealed up.
For now, Lirutenant Eve Dallas stuck her frozen hands in the warm pockets of her coat and looked down at death. 

The victim was an accountant and in a world in which audits become more and more important it was fascinating to read about her job and the reasons she was killed. Of course Roarke was able and willing to help Eve with the financial aspects of the crime, I love cases when both work together and Roarke plays auxiliary policeman, of course he would hate to be called that. :) The In death series is still going strong for me and as always I'm already very excited for "Thankless in Death", the next book in the series.


  1. I am still envious about you already reading the In Death book. Although I am not sure if this is one that first comes out as hardcover, instead of paperback, but I do hope not and that it will be on its way soon.
    I also love the Maggie Sefton series.I agree with you on the knitting, not something I will ever pick up, but it is fun to read about. And remember, Fort Collins and Lambspun, are real. If you want another cozy author after this series, I heartily recommend Ellery Adams. Both series.

    1. I checked online stores here in Germany last week and "Calculated in Death" was in stock everywhere. We sometimes get the books by Nora Roberts a few days early and I always like it. My copy of the book is one of those big paperbacks, they are always my favourite choice. I need to look in the books by Ellery Adams.

      Happy Reading!




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