13 February 2013

Good books: Olivia Cunning, Christina Lauren and Myra Lynn Kelly

The first three ebooks are read and of course I want my share my thoughts on the books with you.

Hot Ticket by Olivia Cunning is #4 in her Sinners series. I have been a great fan of the first three books and expected to also love this new book. But to be honest I struggled a bit with the story and the characters. The chemistry between the characters was definitely there, but it was not enough for me. The relationship between Jace and Aggie never went for me from chemistry to love. The author unfortunately didn't manage to make me believe in the deep feelings between the main characters. And I guess the reason for that is that there was too much unnecessary and weird drama added to the story. A little less dangerous scenes and a bit more time for quiet, lovely scenes is something I missed when reading "Hot Ticket". In the other books of the series the author found a better balance between the sex scenes and the love scenes, between the heat and the feeling.

I also think that the plot was a times a bit weak. Some new developments happened very abruptly and were never really dealt with. Some dramatic developments seemed to be only there to fill some pages, but they didn't add anything important to the story or the book. I would have liked to get some more time with Jace and Aggie, to get the chance to learn more about them and their feelings.

The first three books in the series (Backstage Pass, Rock Hard and Double Time) have been great, "Hot Ticket" was just ok for me. But you can bet that I'm still a big fan of the series and that I'm super excited to read "Wicked Beat", the final book in the series.

Beautiful Bastard by Christina Lauren is a book most readers will either enjoy a lot or don't like at all. It's a very sexy book, a book with an amazing chemistry and heat between the two main characters. Readers who can't believe in the chemistry between the characters will struggle with the book, I on the other hand was able to believe in it and that's why I had a great time when reading "Beautiful Bastard".
The book is about giving in to your attraction, even if it may not be the best idea. The two main characters are boss and intern, they both have struggled for months with each other. There are banters between them nearly all day and they seemed a bit like cat and mouse. Right from the start on I was fascinated by the chemistry between Chloe and Bennett, right from the start on the author managed to captivate my interest and my feelings. Maybe that's why I was able to take some of the things that were going on not too seriously, why I was not annoyed by some actions, characters traits and developments.

It's hard to say which kind of reader is going to love the book and which won't. I think it doesn't hurt if you enjoyed books like the "50 shades of grey" series or the "Rock Chick" books in the past, I like both series a lot and "Beautiful Bastard" felt a bit similar regarding the hotness and the characters. I think if you will enjoy the authors writing style, then you will enjoy the book and will be able to root for the characters. So make sure to read an excerpt before buying the book.

For me this was one hot book that made me feel with the characters, that made me root for their relationship and that made me excited for more. "Beautiful Stranger", the second book in the series, will be out in May 2013 and I will definitely get and read it.

Waking up married by Myra Lyn Kelly (free ebook) is a book about two people who meet, spend a few hours together, feel some instant connection, drink too much alcohol and wake up married! The synopses of the book sounded quiet appealing to me, even though I'm usually not a fan of these surprise marriages. But I hoped that the author could make it work for me, that she could make me believe in the main characters as a couple.

I liked that Megan and Connor decided to give themselves some time after their rushed marriage, some time to really get to know each other and to decide what should happen with their marriage. At this point of the book I was hopeful that I would start to root for their relationship soon, that I would hope that they could develop deeper feelings and to start a future together. But unfortunately it didn't happen. Throughout the whole book I had trouble with believing in the feelings, in the love between Megan and Connor. The book didn't make me feel enough, it didn't manage to involve my emotions in the way I wanted, needed them to be involved. And at times I was a bit annoyed by how Megan and Connor acted. In the end this was a quick, ok read, but nothing more.

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