24 January 2013

Reading next #17 - the new books

A new pile of books is waiting to be read and here it is. This time I have a very nice mix of some cozy books and some darker, hopefully fast-paced stories. Wish me luck that I will enjoy most of the books.

The books I'm going to read next are

Tarnished - Karina Cooper
steampunk, adult, #1 in the St. Croix Chronicles
Falling Kingdoms - Morgan Rhodes
fantasy, YA, #1 in the Falling Kingdoms series
A deal to die for - Josie Belle
cozy mystery, adult, #2 in the A Good Buy Girls Mystery series
Supernaturally - Kiersten White
paranormal, YA, #2 in the Paranormalcy series
Knit one, kill two - Maggie Sefton
cozy mystery, adult, #1 in the Knitting Mystery series
Chapter & Hearse - Lorna Barrett
cozy mystery, adult, #4 in the Booktown Mystery series
Sanctum - Sarah Fine
Urban Fantasy, YA, #1 in the Guards of the Shadowlands series
Tiger's voyage - Colleen Houck
paranormal, YA, #3 in the Tiger Saga
13 to life - Shannon Delany
paranormal, YA, #1 in the 13 to life series

What are you reading now & next?


  1. Great stack Sabrina! I have read Chapter & Hearse, and the Maggie Sefton book. Both two of my autobuy authors. I am curious also what you will think of Carina Cooper and Josie Belle.

    1. It's good to hear that you like the books by both authors, I'm pretty excited to give them a try. I thought that the first book by Josie Belle was very good, and I'm hoping that #2 will be just as great.

  2. Great pile of books! All of these really looks good, I want to start reading "Supernaturally" and "Falling Kingdoms".

    1. I'm also super excited for both books.
      Happy Reading!

  3. Sounds good! The Cover from "Supernaturally" looks so good. I had looked for the series und found the german vision - who looks terribile. So girli-like and boring :/
    I reading now "Dragon Bound" by Thea Harrison and "Mockingjay" :)

    1. So true! I personally hate the German versions of the books by Kiersten White, they look so young and weird.

  4. Chapter & Hearse sounds really good!
    PS. I keep forgetting to ask you: what type of camera do you use for your videos? I've been thinking about doing a few vlogs but my Fujifilm camera's videos are terrible :(

    1. I use a Sony Camcorder for my videos. But I don't think that you need a camcorder, I think every bridge or dslr camera should produce very good videos. Try to upload the videos with the highest quality/bitrates (in HD) as possible (http://support.google.com/youtube/bin/answer.py?hl=en&answer=1722171&rd=1). I personally always struggle with the uploading because our internet connection is so slow. :( That's why I lose some of the video quality when uploading.

    2. And btw, lighting is very important, sometimes even more important than the camera, it took me quiet a while to realize this. :) So look for a light place with a nice background to film your videos.




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