17 January 2013

Reading next #16 - a new pile of books

A new pile of books is waiting to be read and here it is. This time I have some cute & sexy sounding contemporary romances in my reading pile, plus some young adult books that promise to be full of action and feeling.

The books I'm going to read next are
Shadows - Paula Weston
paranormal, YA, #1 in a series
Just one day - Gayle Forman
contemporary, YA, #1 in a duology
Going cowboy crazy - Katie Lane
contemporary romace, adult, #1 in a series
Walking back to happiness - Lucy Dillon
chick-lit, adult, stand-alone
paranormal, YA, #1 in a series
Break my heart 1,000 times - Daniel Waters
paranormal (ghosts), YA, stand-alone
One bad apple - Sheila Connolly
cozy mstery, adult, #1 in a series
Ain't misbehaving - Molly Cannon
contemporary romance, adult, stand-alone (?)
The floating islands - Rachel Neumeier
fantasy, YA, stand-alone

What are you reading now & next?


  1. Yeah for another cozy :) Hope you enjoy the books Sabrina.

  2. Happy reading Sabrina. Hope you'll like Just one Day because I'm really looking forward to read this book.
    I've finished a reread of Gregor the Overlander from Suzanne Collins Underland series for children. Right now I'm reading Darkhouse and allthough Kathrine Halle's writing style is at first a bit special and the story starts slowly I like it so far. After that I'll give Flammen über Arcadion a try.

  3. Karina Halle of course - I'm not the best with Names I)




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