24 January 2013

Reading next #16 - it's a wrap

Reading pile #16 is history! And I'm very happy about it. Because unfortunately this time the pile was not that good.

Out of all the books on my #16 pile I enjoyed "Shadows" the most, read more about the book in my "Good books" post on it. I also liked "The Floating Islands" by Rachel Neumeier. At first I had some issues with the lyrical writing style, but after some pages (about 30) I started to get into the book. I would recommend this both to younger to older young adults and adults who like fantasy and books with both a male and female point of view.

Then there was "Just one day". I loved "If I stay" by Gayle Forman and expected to be amazed by her new book. But unfortunately it fell flat for me. I could not believe in the feelings and emotions of the characters, I didn't see the attraction of the male main character and had some issues with how the female main character acted after she was back home. "Just one day" wasn't a bad book, it was still ok. But I expected it to be more vibrant, more emotional and with that special kind of bookish magic I discovered in "If I stay". I still plan to go on with reading the second book in this duology, hopefully it will work better for me.

All of the other books can be put into the categories just ok and not for me. With some books I had issues with the writing style. With other with the characters and the setting. And with one book I had issues with the world building. I read all of these books in a row and it was pretty frustrating to read through them.

Shadows - Paula Weston
paranormal, YA, #1 in a series
Just one day - Gayle Forman
contemporary, YA, #1 in a duology
Going cowboy crazy - Katie Lane
contemporary romace, adult, #1 in a series
Walking back to happiness - Lucy Dillon
chick-lit, adult, stand-alone
Greta and the goblin king - Chloe Jacobs
paranormal, YA, #1 in a series
Break my heart 1,000 times - Daniel Waters
paranormal (ghosts), YA, stand-alone
One bad apple - Sheila Connolly
cozy mstery, adult, #1 in a series
Ain't misbehaving - Molly Cannon
contemporary romance, adult, stand-alone
The floating islands - Rachel Neumeier
fantasy, YA, stand-alone

Have you already read one of the books? What did you think of it?

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  1. wow, you really read a lot more than me :D
    i don't know the books on your pile, but they seem to be very interesting :D




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