01 January 2013

My bookish resolutions for 2013

Happy New Year to everyone. The beginning of the new year means that it times for a new list of bookish resolutions. My plan for 2013 is to continue with my reading resolutions of 2012, so my overall goal is to make reading as nice, as stress-free and as relaxed as possible. And I'm going to continue to read whatever I want, whenever I want and will continue to not listen to what other people think I should read.

For 2013 I decided to add two more goals to my resolutions list.

1. Get my ebook TBR pile from around 80 to under 10 books, I want to achieve that goal within 4-6 months.
2. Buy some books spontaneously without reading any reviews on them at first. I got this idea from Pretty Books. :)

Both new goals should add to making my reading life more relaxed and happier, so I'm excited to get started.

Do you have any bookish resolutions for 2013?


  1. To reduce your TBR to under 10 books? Wow! That's a tough but really good goal. Good luck with that:) And Happy New Year 2013 to you;)

    1. Just my ebook TBR pile, my normal print TBR pile is right now around 30 books and I'm ok with it.
      Happy New Year.

  2. buying and reading books without even reading the back cover or description... that's a little scary!!! covers can be so misleading

    1. It really is a bit scary, but also very exciting!

  3. I almost never read reviews of the books I want to buy, as I preorder them so early. But other times, the reviews I read are the ones that make me buy a book, if I don't know the author yet.
    And good luck with getting your ebooks down. That would be more easy if there weren't so many freebies on Amazon. Or don't you count those?

    I do wholeheartedly agree with your other resolutions though: read what you want, whenever you want.

    1. I stopped downloading freebie ebooks with a few exceptions. Because more often then not I downloaded a book only because it was free, and not really because the book sounded that good to me. So the about 80 ebooks are really all that are waiting ti be read by me.




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