23 January 2013

Good books: twisted demons & lost memories

New books have been read and two of them are worthy to be part of my "Good books" series. Both are from the young adult section and both have to do with supernatural beings. The first with demons, the second with angels.

"The twisted tragedy of Miss Natalie Stewart" by Leanna Renee Hieber is book #2 in the Magic Most Foul series and I was pretty excited and anxious to read it. Excited because I enjoyed "Darker still", the first book in the series, a lot. Anxious because I wasn't sure if the story would offer enough for a good and satisfying second book. So of course I'm very happy that "The twisted tragedy by Miss Natalie Stewart" was just as good as the first book. The character and plot development was on top, I loved how the love story between Natalie and Jonathan progressed and also enjoyed the new, even darker story lines that were introduced.

first sentences

June 1880
"Isn't that the man wanted for those murders in New York City?"
I tried not to let my face betray the panic flooding through my body. I'd thought once we made it out of New York City and onto the train we'd be safe.

Once again the characters were my personal highlight when reading the book. They are strong, but not without flaws. They struggle with the things they should and are courageous when they need to be. This is a second book that makes me excited for at least one more book in the series, I want more of the characters, the world and the seductive writing style.

If you haven't already read the first book "Darker Still", then please do so. It's a book that will introduce you to a special world, a world filled with fascinating characters, danger, intrigues and of course love.

"Shadows" by Paula Weston is a book I had my eyes one for quiet some time. It was first published in Australia and I waited for the book to be finally available here in Europe. And a few weeks ago the UK edition was released and my preordered copy arrived at my home.

"Shadows" is the first book in a paranormal YA trilogy that has to do with angels, half-angels and a kind of angel war. In the past I wasn't always the biggest fan of books with angels, but lately I have been becoming a bit of a fan of them. Angels with edges, angels that are fighting against each other and angels who live in a world filled with intrigue interest me. "Shadows" fit perfectly to what I want from an angel book. There are so many secrets, intrigues, fights and so on, the book always stayed at a high level of excitement for me.

first sentences

Into the trees
I'm running along the boardwalk, wind and sand stinging my arms. It's after work and I have the track to myself. A handful of surfers are battling the choppy waves, and the Williamsons are walking on the beach like they do every morning and afternoon in their matching sports gear and orthopaedic shoes. Their silver heads are bowed against the wind, but they're still holding stands. It makes me feel emptier than usual. 

At the beginning of the book you get to meet Gaby, the heroine of the book. She lost her brother in a tragic accident about one year ago and since then has been struggling with life. And then weird things begin to happen. People she doesn't remember turn up in her life. They tell her that she is not the person she thinks she is.
At the beginning both the heroine and the reader are absolutely in the dark about what the hell happened in Gaby's life before the accident. I loved finding out bit by bit what happened in the past and what was going on with the angels. The book is at times quiet edgy and rough, the angels from "Shadows" can be pretty brutal and ruthless.
There is the beginning of a potential love story, one that I guess will also be quiet edgy and a bit messed up. My highlight of the book was going together with Gaby on a journey to discover her past and to discover what kind of person she was before the accident. I loved how strong she was in the story and especially at the end of it. I will definitely go on with this series and I'm happy that "Haze", book #2, will be out this summer.

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