11 January 2013

Good Books: Magical elves and dark mythology

It's time for another post about the Good Books I read, today I want to talk a bit about a kind of elves even I like reading about and about a urban fantasy YA series that has already brought me so much joy.

"Keeper of the lost cities" is the name of Shannon Messenger's first middle grade book. A book I was super excited to read because it sounded like a lot of fun, action and the kind of special abilities I like to read about. Shortly after I started reading the book I realized that elves would play a central position in the book. That shocked me and made me a bit sad, because elves and I normally don't mix well. But don't worry, in "Keeper of the lost cities" I actually enjoyed reading about elves and I want more of them, or at least of the kind that Shannon Messenger writes about.

first sentence

Blurry, fractures memories swam through Sophie's mind, but she couldn't piece them together. 

"Keeper of the lost cities" is about children, 12 and up, that have special mental abilities, it's about a world that consists of lost cities, it's about mysterious origins, new beginnings and the kind of magical school I love reading about. The book made me laugh and smile a lot, but it also contains darker passages that were thrilling. It's a book for children and adults, it's a book that charmed me through it's main characters and that made me excited to read more about them.
Shannon Messenger managed to write a book that made me feel, that made me root for the characters and that entertained me a lot. Ok, some developments, especially at the beginning of the book, seemed to happen a bit too easily, but I got over that. And the beginning of the book was a tiny bit slow, but after I read the first several chapters I felt as if I was part of the story and I liked that.

So yes, I will definitely go on with "Exile", book #2 in this middle grade series, and I also plan to buy & read "Let the sky fall", the upcoming YA book by Shannon Messenger.

"Crimson Frost" is already book #4 in the Mythos Academy series by author Jennifer Estep. In the last months it has become one of my favourite series and I'm always excited to buy & immediately read the next book.
Crimson Frost starts with a loud bang and ends with one. Gwen is once again in deep trouble and shocking new developments take place at Mythos Academy. I enjoyed reading about Gwen and Logan's relationship, it was nice to learn a bit more about his family and his background. I also loved that Gwen keeps getting stronger and stronger, especially because some serious fights are ahead of her.

first sentences

"I have a confession to make."
Logan Quinn looked at me. "Really, Gypsy girl? What's that?"
I shifted on my feet. "I don't actually like coffee."
The Spartan stared at me a moment before his lips curved up into a teasing grin. "You probably should have mentioned that before now."

There were also some interesting new developments for some of the secondary characters. I'm not going to tell you exactly what happened, but Oliver is in for a nice surprise. One that was woven into the story effortlessly and in a way that made me want to applaud the author. I love that for Jennifer Estep it's about people and attraction, and not about what other people think should be the norm in a relationship.

At times I felt that the plot in "Crimson Frost" had some weaknesses, some situations felt a bit too constructed and forced. And still I enjoyed reading every page of "Crimson Frost" and can't wait to go on. I just need to know now what will happen with Gwen and Logan.


  1. I often struggle with elves too.. good to know that there may be books starring elves that I could get interested in.

    Love your pictures too!

    1. Yay, nice to hear that I'm not the only one who normally struggles with reading about elves. I normally love all kinds of special and magical beings, but elves often annoy me.

      And thanks. :)

  2. I preordered Mythos Academy #4 and im still waiting for the book to arrive :D I really like the series, too, but what i HATE about it, are all the action replays -.- They annoy me so much!

    1. I was a bit annoyed by the replays in book #2, but since then I thought they were less and less often.
      Hope you will enjoy the book as much as I did. Happy Reading!




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