19 January 2013

Buying books is fun

New books have found their way to my home and here they are.

Just one day - Gayle Forman
conetemporary, ya / new adult
Daughter of smoke and bone - Laini Taylor
fantasy, ya
Savor the Moment - Nora Roberts
contemporary romance, adult
Happy Ever After - Nora Roberts
contemporary romance, adult
Love? Maybe. - Heather Hepler
contemporary, YA
What Katy did - Susan Coolidge
coming of age, children's literature
Night School Legacy - C.J. Daugherty
suspense, YA
From what I remember - Kramer & Thomas
contemporary, YA, stand-alone
Anne of Green Gables - L.M. Montgomery
fiction, children's literature
Come fly with me - Addison Fox
contemporary romance, adult
The lost art of keeping secrets - Eva Rice
chick lit, historical (1950s), adult

Which books did arrive at your home this week?


  1. Viel Spaß mit deinen vielen tollen neuen Büchern! :) "Just One Day" ist diese Woche auch bei mir eingezogen! Und "From what I remember" steht noch auf der WuLi!

    lg, Steffi

    1. Danke! "Just one day" habe ich sogar schon gelesen, leider war es aber nicht so toll wie erwartet, zumindest nicht für mich. Aber na ja, es kann ja nicht jedes Buch perfekt für einen sein.

    2. Oh schade. Dann hoffe ich einfach, dass es mir nicht genauso geht wie dir ;) Auf "Just One Day" freue ich mich nämlich schon ne ganze Weile :) lg

    3. Ging mir genauso, vor allem weil ich "If I stay" so sehr liebe. Teil 2 der Duologie will ich aber trotzdem lesen, ich muss doch wissen wie es weitergeht. :)

  2. What I haven't said on youtube: it's totally your fault that I ordered those pretty new paperbacks of the bride quartet and as soon as I will get them there will be a re-read! ♥

  3. I hope you enjoy What Katy Did and Anne of Green Gables! You bought the covers I like :)

    1. I saw "What Katy did" on your blog and made sure to get it with the same cover. :)

  4. I love Anne of Green Gables. I have the four series on DVD, and several different copies of the book. Whenever I see it at some secondhand thing, I have to buy it. That book needs a good home, and cannot be thrown away if no one buys it.

    1. I didn't even know that there is a movie version of the book, need to check it out. I hope that I will love the book, it sounds so good and charming.

  5. Yes, buying books it fun! I would very much like to read a Nora Roberts book. I know, crazy that I haven't, right? I used to love Anne of Greene Gables and should pick that up again. Happy reading.

    1. Another fan of "Anne of Green Gables", I really can't wait to finally read the book. :) Nora Roberts has been my go to contemporary romance author for years, I'm always super excited for her upcoming books.

  6. I cannot believe it! T_T EVERYONE got Gayle Forman's book this week!! O_O I'm waiting for mine to arrive soon since FINALLY The Book Depository is shipping to my country!!
    I've missed stalking you! Even if you don't actually remember me :D
    But yeap! I've missed coming here AND you have a new look!! Just HOW LONG was I absent! Jesus!! It feels like starting to stalk blogs all over again!!
    Can't wait to see pictures taken by you too!! :D

    Daughter of Smoke And Bone!! AMAZING book!!
    Enjoy all the others!
    Happy reading! Here's what I got if you'd like to take a peek!

    1. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that you will get "Just one day" in the next days. Btw, I already read the book and was a bit disappointed in it. I expected to love it but didn't. :)




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