09 January 2013

Bookstores v. online book shopping - do both!

One of the bookish resolutions for 2013 that I missed adding to my list is that I want to shop more often in bookstores. I do most of my book shopping online, because it's more practical for me. Most of the books I read are in English, and of course our German bookstores don't have that many English books in stock. So online book shopping is often my #1 choice.
But still I miss the feeling of browsing through bookstores regularly. So something needs to change in 2013. Especially because I love the atmosphere in bookstores. Being surrounded by thousands of books, being surrounded by lots of other avid reading makes me so happy and relaxed.

So in 2013 I plan to go on with my normal online book shopping activities, but to also visit bookstores more often and to buy books there regularly. So it doesn't need to be a bookstore v. online book shopping situation, it can be both.

Where do you shop for your books? And do you have a favourite bookstore?


  1. The bookstore I used to visit weekly when I was still reading in Dutch, does sell some English Urban Fantasy and such. But the prices are over 2 times as much as online from Bookdepository.com and I am not a fool. Of course, I have the book immediately, but if I can buy two for the price of one, yes please!

    1. Twice the price is a bit too extreme. For me the difference is usually a few cents to 1 or 2 Euro.

  2. I buy my books most of the time online. It's a shame because a lot of the little book shops are already dying. But online I find all available ebooks a lot easier than in all these different systems in book shops. If I pass a book shop I normally go inside and have a look. But I buy a book only on rare occasions just from the look.

  3. I go with my friend almost every week to our local bookstore,just to feel the atmosphere, but I don´t usually buy there a lot of books. The thing is, the bookstore is really small and there is rarely book I don´t have, and there are no books in English, so... When I want to buy a book, and it is in English, I buy on the BookDepository, when I want to buy some books in Czech, I order them from Czech ehops, because it is much cheaper.
    But I buy there books, when I want just one that time, because then the delivery online is for one book in czech really high, and it is more clever to buy it immediately.




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