23 December 2012

Reading next #13 - wrap up with mini reviews

I finally read all the books from my reading pile #13 and now it's time to share my thoughts on the books with you.

Linna singt - Bettina Belitz (German book)
contemporary, NA
This is a book that sounds a bit mysterious and messed up, I hope I will like it as much as the books from the Splitterherz trilogy.
This book confused me a lot. I never felt as if the story was really moving on or as if what was happening made any sense. And the end was not the kind of ending I liked. This was an ok book for me.

Grischa (German version; Shadow & Bone in the USA aka The Gathering Dark in the UK) - Leigh Bardugo 
fantasy, YA, #1 in the Grisha series
I have heard so many good things about this book, it just has to be great.
I'm so happy that I finally read this book. Right from the first sentences on everything in the story worked for me perfectly and I enjoyed reading the book a lot. The main characters were interesting and I'm excited to read more about them in the second book of the trilogy. I enjoyed that they got the chance to mess up and to grow up because of the mistakes they did. You can bet that I will preorder book #2 soon.

Far Rockaway - Charlie Fletcher
fantasy, YA, stand-alone
This sounds like an interesting book, but to be honest I don't know that much about what is going to happen. :) I'm excited to be surprised and hopefully amazed by the book.
This was a goodish book for me. I enjoyed reading about the family dynamics and thought that the fantasy parts of the book were interesting, but not truly fascinating.

The great escape - Susan Elizabeth Phillips
contemporary, adult, stand-alone
Let's hope that with this book I will get back my love for books by SEP, I had huge issues with the two books before.
As feared I did not enjoy this book. I did not like a lot of the characters, thought that once again things were a bit too ridiculous and way too over the top, and that less would have been more. And I once again did not like reading about the characters from previous books by SEP and the epilogue was kind of lame. :( I will still give the next book by SEP a chance, but it will be the last chance. I hope that the new book will be set in a new place with no connections to her other books.

Riveted - Meljean Brook
steampunk romance, adult, #3 in the Iron Seas series
Will I fall back in love with the series or will the trend from book #2 continue? So many important questions that need to be answered. ;)
Just like with book #2 in this series I had some issues with the writing style. At times I felt as if there was too much focus on the world building, there were too many little details that made it hard to get into a good reading flow. And I thought that the story itself was not that interesting. I think it's time to stop with reading this series.

The End of Mr Y - Scarlett Thomas
Speculative fiction, adult, stand-alone
This book promises to be mysterious and thrilling, plus it's a novel within a novel book, I usually love these. 
This book turned out to be as special and thought-provoking as I hoped. Ok, at times I had some minor issues with the writing style, but I still enjoyed reading this book. It's a book you should read when you have some time, no stress and are in a relaxed state of mind. And if you are looking for a book that stands out. 

Running Wild - Linda Howard & Linda Jones
romantic suspense, adult, #1 in the Men from Battle Ridge series
This is the first book in a new romantic suspense series, and I expect a sexy hero, a smart heroine and a good story.
This book was for my taste too predictable and I did not like all of the main characters. I don't think that I will go on with the series. :(

I also read, not shown on my book pile, "The Shadow Society" by Marie Rutkoski. This is a YA book with paranormal elements and it's a stand-alone.
In the story Darcy Jones is thrown into a parallel world that she knows nothing about. A world that could be deadly to her.
This is one of the books I enjoyed reading, but something was missing to truly fascinate me. I thought that the world building was quiet interesting, but not always 100% logical. Darcy was a good character I enjoyed reading about, the love story was also nice, but it could have been better. All in all this was an ok to good book for me.

Did you already read one of the books from my #13 pile? Did you like it?


  1. I liked the atmosphere in "Linna singt" but most of the book wasn't making sense. In the end I had so many questions about what happened to the characters but yeah...another mystery. I expected more from the book.

    1. That's exactly how I feel. Even after I finished the book I don't really know what the hell was going on.

  2. Replies
    1. I think it was quiet fascinating and good. At times I had some issues with the writing style, but overall the book was a nice surprise. You should read the book if you have some quiet time and are relaxed, it's not a book to read on the go.

  3. Hi Sabrina,

    i had the same issues with the new books by SEP. The previos book about Ted and Meg (I forget the title) was on my top 5 worst book list in 2012. Its so sad, the author is so a nice Lady and i love her early books like "Nobodys baby but mine" or the Chicago stars boosk. But the new ones ..oh no :-(

    LG Silke

    1. Hi Silke

      I hate Ted after I read CMI and always will, the whole book made me so mad and sad. Some of her books, for example "Natural born charmer" and "Match me if you can", are book I love a lot, but the last three were just not good for me and actually pretty bad..

      Let's hope that the next book will be better.
      Happy Reading!




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