06 December 2012

Reading next #11 - wrap up time

I read the books I showed you in my reading next #11 post and now it's time to share my thoughts on them with you.

Unraveling Isobel - Eileen Cook
contemporary YA book with paranormal elements, stand alone
I expected a bit more from the book. The paranormal elements (ghosts) were not enough to make me fascinated by the story, I wanted more of these elements and not just a ghost here and there. The main characters did not interest me that much and the love story didn't feel real to me. The mystery was too easy to solve and a bit too dramatic for my taste. Plus the ending was a bit abrupt. All in all this still was an ok book for me but I expected more.

The Lies that bind - Lisa & Laura Roecker
contemporary YA book with mystery elements, #2 in the Liar Society trilogy
This was a good second book in the "Liar Society" series. I liked how the story developed and how Kate at the end of the book was ready to finally go after the whole system. I'm super excited to find out how the story will end in book #3.

The Pleasure Palace - Kate Emerson
historical romance, adult, #1 in a Secret of the Tudor Court series
I enjoyed the author's writing style and the way she built her story. But as feared the Tudors and all of their intrigues made it hard for me to like the book. I don't know why, but the Tudors always annoy me. I think this is a great historical romance for all fans of the genre and readers who like reading about the Tudors.

The Native Star - M.K. Hobson
fantasy, #1 in the Veneficas Americana series
The world building in this fantasy book is amazing, unfortunately the writing style did not work for me.  I hate when that happens with a book that is so special and that has so much potential. I would still recommend this book to all fans of the fantasy genre

Her Sky Cowboy - Beth Ciotta
steampunk romance, adult, #1 in the he Glorious Victorious Darcys series
I loved reading about the two main characters, their banters were always very funny and there was an insane amount of chemistry between them. The steampunk world felt at times a bit too constructed. All in all this was a good book that I enjoyed reading.

The Raven Boys - Maggie Stiefvater
fantasy, YA, #1 in The Raven Boys series
This is one of my highlights of this reading pile. Things like the ley lines or the search for the ancient Welsh king were not always that interesting to me, however I loved the author's writing style and the main characters were also great. The interactions between the characters were pretty fascinated, and reading this book was so entertaining and a bit addicting. And the end left me speechless. It's not nice to shock readers with the last sentence of a story! So even though this book was not without flaws, I still enjoyed it a lot and can't wait to read the second and third book in the Raven Boys trilogy.

Unter allen Beeten ist Ruh' - Auerbach & Keller
German book, mystery, #1 in the Schrebergarten-Krimi series
This book was as charming and as special as I hoped it would be. If you like mysteries and can read in German then get this book.

Such a Rush - Jennifer Echols
contemporary YA, stand alone
This book was a bit disappointing for me. I wanted to love it, but did not like any of the main characters. They made it hard for me to enjoy the story. Plus some developments seemed overly dramatic and too constructed. Sadly this book was not for me.

Immortal City - Scott Speer
paranormal YA with Angels, #1 in the trilogy
This is another favourite from this reading pile. I managed to read this book quickly because the writing style was so engaging. I think the whole angel world as a business is a fascinating idea and it made me for a change interested in reading about angels. I hope that the two main characters will manage to stay together and leave their mark on the angel world in the next two books of the trilogy.

Have you already read one of the books? Did you like it?

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