27 December 2012

My reading resolutions for 2012 - did they work?

At the beginning of the year I made up a list of things that I wanted to achieve in 2012. And one part of that list was about my bookish life. My overall goal was to be more relaxed about what to read and when to read. Btw, I was inspired to do this post by Pretty Books.

Now I want to share with you what happened with my reading resolutions and if they worked for me or not.

  • just read, not think too much about what to read next - I managed to do that ever since I started with my new reading system (read the books that have been the longest in my TBR pile at first). Now I just grab a new reading pile of 5-9 books and don't think much about it. 
  • don't enter any reading challenges  - did this and it feels so good!
  • don't look constantly at how many books I read - I know round about how many books I read in 2012, but not the exact number. It feels good to no longer care about the number.
  • stop reading books I don't enjoy, I don't need to finish every book I start - I continued to do that, it's the only way of reading that fits to me and that makes sense to me. 
  • buy pretty much all of the books I want to read. When I read an eARC I always feel too much pressure to really have a great reading experience. And I love buying new books and supporting authors, so it's a win/win situation for me. Btw, I already buy more than 95% of the books I read, so not reading eARCs doesn't change that much.  - I requested a few eARCs via Netgalley this year, but not a lot. And I like it that way. I still buy about 95% of the books I read and I want to continue with it. I feel less pressured to read books I bought with my own money and I like that. 
  • always read an excerpt before buying a book, in 2011 I read too many books that didn't work for me because of the writing style. - This is something I did at the beginning of the year but lately I have stopped doing it. Sometimes an excerpt will not tell you if the writing style is going to work for you or not, because sometimes you need a few more pages to get into a book. 
  • make sure that my TBR pile doesn't get too big, everything under 60 books is ok - I'm right now at under 30 books, so I definitely achieved this goal.
  • make sure that books don't stay in my TBR pile for more than a few weeks - I also achieved this goal, right now my books stay about 3-4 weeks on my TBR pile before I'm reading them. I'm quite happy with that. 
  • read some more German books - I managed to read some German YA books this year, some were great, some ok. I plan to read more German books next year. 
  • share more books with my sister, I love talking with her about books we read - I gave my sis a lot of books to read in 2012, this will definitely continue in 2013. 
  • have fun while blogging and continue to blog about the things that bring me fun - this was one of the most important points on the list and I'm happy that I sticked by it. I'm right now very comfortable with how the blog is running and I hope it will stay that way. 

Isn't it nice that nearly all of my bookish resolutions worked for me? 
Right now I'm at a point in my bookish life where I read whatever I want, I don't let anybody make me feel bad about the books I like. I read whenever I want to, I don't let me be pressured any longer. And I stand up for my opinion on books and don't stay quiet because other bloggers or authors have deemed a book or a series as crap. I read what I like and I like it that way.

How was your bookish year 2012? Did your way to read make you happy & relaxed?


  1. I'm good with everything about the way I'm reading except for my TBR pile. My problem is that I just can't resist those free and bargain books. Therefore, the pile just keeps growing and it's overwhelming. At least I'm not spending that much money, but I think my one bookish resolution for the new year will be to only buy or download books that I really want to read, regardless of the price. I need to ignore the siren call of free books.....

    1. My ebook TBR pile is also way too big, I just tend to ignore it. But I plan to change that in 2013.

  2. This year I stopped reading anything that didn't captivate me enough. I can pick books up again, when I feel more like it another time and will therefore enjoy them more. Some books I put down, that I couldn't enjoy at all will stay dnfs, but that's fine with me, after all I read only for my own enjoyment. Sometimes it's better to spent money on a book that's not for you, than to spend the money and have a bad time reading it to the bitter end.
    What I feel bad about regarding my reading habbits, is that I seem to have read not a singe German book this year. I've got to do something about that. English to German translations are a no-go for me right now and all the interesting Urban Fantasys and Paranormal Romances I know of, are written in English and those are the genres I'm mostly seeking out right now. You wouldn't have a recomendation by any chance, would you?

    1. Sadly I haven't discovered any great German books from the paranormal / UF genre so far. It's weird, that there seem to be so few German authors in these two genres. There are tons of good German YA authors, so that's the kind of German books I read this year. I also read some translated books, and most were surprisingly good. But of course there are also a lot of bad English to German translations out there, for example the books by Patricia Briggs.

      Have a great bookish 2013.

  3. Sounds like not putting too much pressure on yourself was a great goal. Love your goals. I think I should have done something similar. ;)

    1. For me they were the right resolutions, I'm so happy that they worked for me. Maybe you could do some of them in 2013.

  4. Congrats Sabrina for your good reading solutions!
    Most of your goals are working for me as well, except the counting of read books and the Challenge stuff. I think I will enter next year only one - to reread 12 good books from my shelves. Normally I'm so absorbed by the tbr pile and other blog stuff that old favourites are badly neglected. That's a shame.
    Btw evening-green and you should try one of Ju Honisch's books. Her Obsidianherz is one of the best books I've ever read (I now it's expensive but it's from a small publisher). It's a mix of paranormal, romance and historical (here you'll find more about her books: http://www.juhonisch.de/publikation_d.html).

    1. I reread books regularly, so I didn't even think of putting that point on my list. :)
      Btw, I checked out the books by Ju Honisch and they sound great, I added three to my wishlist and plan to get one soon. I saw that her upcoming book will be published by Heyne, but I think I will at first give one of her other books a try.

    2. The last two years I've reread only a few books and not my normal amount of favourites. I don't now if it's because of our little girl (she is 2 now) or because of the high blogging frequency this year. But I'll find a way to change it in 2013:).
      Yes, Ju Honisch's new book will be published by Heyne in fall 2013. It's really sad because she gets trouble with Feder & Schwert and the nearly finished book after 'Jenseits des Karussels' won't be puplished anymore. Of course I wish you much fun with her first book - I think I'm going to see which one you chose^^.

    3. I have to recall my last statement. I've seen just a minute ago at Ju's page/blog that the sequel is coming - it's announced for fall 2013 too and will be published by Feder & Schwert. I'm totally happy right now:D.

    4. Thanks for the tip Nia, I'll have to check it out!

  5. I really need to do this too: 'don't look constantly at how many books I read' as I pretty much do it every day and it makes me feel pressured!

    1. I used to check my book count several times a week and it drove me crazy. Now I look it up about 4 times a year and feel way more relaxed.
      Hope it will also work for you.

  6. Good for you Sabrina! I am happy that you are happy with your reading resolutions and that they work for you.
    This: "Right now I'm at a point in my bookish life where I read whatever I want, I don't let anybody make me feel bad about the books I like. I read whenever I want to, I don't let me be pressured any longer. And I stand up for my opinion on books and don't stay quiet because other bloggers or authors have deemed a book or a series as crap. I read what I like and I like it that way."

    I love that, and it is the only way to truly enjoy what you read. Make your own choices, and keep in mind that taste differ from person to person, and that is a good thing.
    I do keep count of how many books I read every month, but that doesn't pressure me in the least. I have spend some days lately just watching tv instead of reading, and it was good as well. I have a new addiction: the american series Storage Wars, and have already watched two full seasons.




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