15 December 2012

Buying books is fun

Of course I bought some new books this week and here they are. This week some preorders finally arrived and some other books I ordered online also came in the mail.

This time a few of the books are not what I would call happy books and I'm very excited to find if they will work for me or not. But of course I also bought some happy books, books that should make me swoon, laugh and smile a lot.

Asche und Phönix - Kai Meyer
fantasy, stand-alone, German book
Great and the Goblin King - Chloe Jacobs
fantasy, YA, #1 in the Mylena Chronicles
The Farm - Emily McKay
paranormal, YA, #1 in the Farm
Break my heart 1.000 times - Daniel Waters
Thriller with ghosts, YA, stand-alone
Meant to be - Lauren Morill
contemporary romance, YA, stabd-alone
The Floating Islands - Rachel Neumeier
fantasy, YA, stand-alone
Ain't misbehaving - Molly Cannon
contemporary romance, adult, stand-alone
One bad apple - Sheila Connolly
cozy mystery, adult, #1 in the Orchard Mystery series
You had me at hello - Mhairi McFarlane
chick lit, adult, stand-alone

Which new books did you get in the last days?


  1. I am looking forward about your experience with Kai Meyer's book! I really enjoyed it but I still like the Arkadien trilogy more! :)

    1. I hope that I will love his book, my sis has some of his older novels, so after reading & hopefully enjoying the new book I could read more by him.

  2. Wow, great new books. I´m currently reading "Asche und Phönix" and up till now I like it. I`m looking forward to your review of "You had me at hello" and "Meant to be".
    Have a nice 3. Sunday in Advent.

    1. You too.
      I hope that Asche und Phönix will also work for me.
      Have a great & relaxed day.

  3. Wow, what an amazing haul! You Had Me At Hello is supposed to be reaaally good so I'd love to give that one a try next year. :) And I've heard great things about Meant to Be as well. Hope you enjoy all your new books!

    1. Thanks. I also heard so many good things about both books you mentioned, I can't wait to read them soon.

      Happy Reading!

  4. Wonderful haul! Especially Break my heart a 1,000 times & The farm <3 I can't wait to read those two books! Happy reading.


    1. I'm also super excited fot both books, they sound a bit darker compared to what I'm usually reading, but I still hope that I will enjoy them a lot.

      Happy Reading!




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