09 November 2012

The Gathering Storm & Bargain Hunting

This week was a good one, I read several books that I enjoyed a lot, and two of them are "The Gathering Storm" by Robin Bridges and "Bargain Hunting by Rhonda Pollero. The two books are pretty different from each other and both deserve to be part of my "Good books".

"The Gathering Storm" by Robin Bridges is the first book in the Katerina trilogy that plays in Russia in 1888. It is from the YA section and has paranormal aspects like necromancy, undead people and a special kind of Fairies (not the Fairies you might know from other books).

The heroine of the story is Katerina Alexandrovna. She is born into a rich family and dreams to one day become a doctor. In her childhood she realized that she has special abilities, she can raise the dead, but she doesn't want to use that ability.
This book was a fascinating mix of a special kind of Russian nobility, of paranormal abilities, of daughters who are supposed to marry well and of deadly intrigues. The setting in St. Petersburg added another fascinating aspect to the story.

I thought that the first half of the book was a bit stronger than the second half, but all in all I enjoyed reading this book a lot. I'm excited to go on with "The Unfailing Night", the second book in the series. I'm excited to learn more about Katerina, her abilities, her family and the other characters. This book was a fascinating and refreshing YA book and I want more of that.

The second book I want to talk a bit about is "Bargain Hunting" by Rhonda Pollero. This is book #5 in the Finley Anderson Tanner (short FAT) series.

Like all other books in this series this book made me laugh and smile a lot. Finley is as always acting a bit irresponsible with her money, she is as always stumbling from one dangerous situation into another and she is as always a great friend and there for others when they need her help.

In this book you finally get a new development in Finley's private life and that made me very happy. Especially because the new development is something I was hoping for. This series is for all readers who are looking for light-hearted, funny and a bit over the top books. You shouldn't take everything that is going on too serious. Just have fun with Finley and her antics. :)
I will definitely go on with these books, because I want more of Finley, her life, her friends and her crazy adventures.


  1. Oh, I think The Gathering Storm is a book for my Wishlist. Sounds good allthough I suspect that Russia is the new spot to be/take place for a YA book (after the success of Leigh Bardugo's Shadow and Bone [The Grisha #1]).

    1. Yes, seems like authors have discovered Russia for their books. It's definitely an interesting place for a book setting. I still have to read "Shadow and Bone" but plan to do so soon.




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