11 November 2012

Reading next #8 - wrap up post

I read the books I showed you in my "Reading next #8" post and now it's time to talk about the books.

Unwrapped - AngellMcCarthyKauffman  contemporary romance, adult three shorter stories
This was a nice book, but as always I felt that the novellas were a bit too short, I wanted more of the characters and their stories. I definitely prefer full length novels over novellas.

Iron Hearted Violet - Kelly Barnhill  fantasy, middle grade
This book was more serious and darker than I expected it to be. And still I enjoyed the story. Together with the little drawings at the beginning of each chapter the story entertained me.

Feedback - Robison Wells  SciFi, mystery, YA
The ending of the back was too abrupt for my taste. I wanted more closure and more info about what was really behind the world from "Variant" and "Feedback". All in all this was still a good book, but not as great as the first one in the series.

The Gathering Storm - Robin Bridges  historical (1888), paranormal, YA
This is my favourite book of this reading pile. I loved the setting in Russia and the paranormal aspects were fascinating and refreshing. I'm very excited to go on with the next book in the series ("The Unfailing Light"). Read more about my thoughts on the book here.

Darkborn - Alison Sinclair  paranormal romance, adult
This book was not for me. The writing style didn't work for me and I never got into a good reading flow.

Winter White - Jen Calonita  contemporary, YA
This was a good second book in the "Belles" series. The story from the first book was continued in a satisfying way and the character development also fit to the first novel. Something special was missing to make me truly fascinated by the story, but all in all I enjoyed "Winter White" and I'm excited to read the next book "The grass is always greener".

The Diviners - Libba Bray  historical, fantasy, YA
I can only read a few pages of this book in one setting because there is so much going on. That's why I'm still in the middle of the book. So far I'm struggling a bit with the writing style but hope that this will change soon. I will tell you in my next wrap up post what I thought about the book.


  1. I am really looking forward starting the Diviners...I still don't know when I will. But your first book makes me think about Christmas books...I think I have to look up my shelves for the christmasy books I still have. ;)

    1. I'm now halfway through "The Diviners" and I'm enjoying the book. There is so much going on, so sometimes it's hard to take in everything that is happening, but overall it's definitely a fascinating story.

  2. I had similar problems with Darkborn - I tried to read it a few times, but have never read more than 15-20 pages ^^ against all the positive reviews it's not for me, too...

    1. That's exactly what happened to me! I struggled with the book right from the first pages on and later skimmed through the rest of the pages to get to the end.

  3. :) just had to say... LOVE the little gnome dude !!!!!!!!

    1. Me too! I got him from Frankfurt Book Fair, he's so cute and perfect for me.




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