24 November 2012

Buying books is fun - I love pretty books

Of course I got some new books this week, this time it's a mix of print books and ebooks. For more info on the books click on the titles.

print books
Far Rockaway - Charlie Fletcher
Grischa (German version, aka Shadow & Bone aka A Gathering Dark) - Leigh Bardugo
Scherbenmond (German book) - Bettina Belitz

Crimson Frost - Jennifer Estep (eARC, thanks to the author)
Crash - Nicole Williams
Seducing Cinderella - Gina L. Maxwell
The Librarian - Logan Belle

Which books did you get this week?


  1. Great new books you've got there! I love Grischa and I hope you'll like it as well. The characters were likeable and also the world building were awesome! Greetings Tina

    1. That's exactly what I'm hoping for.

  2. Left a commend on youtube already talking of the books. ;)

    I got some pretty nice books this week too and now I am still waiting for the Jennifer Echols book you recommended. :)

    Oh and looking forward for your opinion on "Grischa". I heard mixed things about it and still am not sure if I wanna have it or not. I got a pretty paperlight they got out as promotion of the book. I totally love the cover but it wasn't enough for me to buy it this time. ;)

    1. I mostly heard good things about "Grischa" so I'm excited for it. I think I read one really negative review on it, but that's it. The German version is so pretty, so the book just needs to be great.

  3. I really liked Grischa. It wasn't perfect but the setting was fascinating.
    Far Rock Away Charlie Fletcher looks awesome.
    Btw you haven't read Splitterherz, have you? I'm too curious if you are goingt to like Ellie...

    1. I read "Splitterherz" a few days ago and loved it, and I like Ellie. But I can understand that not every reader is going to like her and the mode of the book.

  4. Sometimes I'm a bit slow. Far Rockaway from Charlie Fletcher;)




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