17 November 2012

Buying books is fun - 13 new books :)

New books have arrived at my home and here they are, all books you can see in this post were bought. 

Splitterherz - Bettina Belitz (German book)
First comes love - Katie Kavcinsky (German version)
Double Time - Olivia Cunning
Can't buy me love - Molly O'Keefe
Immortal City - Scott Speer
Such a rush - Jennifer Echols
The sharp time - Mary O'Connell
Across the great barrier - Patricia C. Wrede
Exodus - Julie Bertagna (will be republished as "Pathfinder" in 2013)
The Hasty Marriage - Betty Neels
The end of Mr. Y - Scarlett Thomas
Riveted - Meljean Brook
The Great Escape - Susan Elizabeth Phillips

Happy Reading!


  1. Great new books! I wish the four books I am waiting for would finally arrive...this is the only thing I totally dislike about TBD...the whole waiting thing and I always have to wait so damn long.:/

    1. I agree, the waiting sucks. I get my books from them normally within a week, that's ok I guess.

    2. Yeah the last 2 books I surprisingly also got within a week! That was great...now I hope the others will arrive the next week...two should come together...we'll see. But the good thing is that I got two of the books - thanks to you - for less money there than at Amazon!! :) That makes up for the waiting!

    3. Saving money is always nice. :)

  2. I wonder if anyone has ever noticed that all of Susan Elizabeth Phillips' books always feature the same cast of characters, an adult woman who is acting out due to a crazy life experience and a repressed childhood, a male protagonist who depending on the plot is either a man with a heart of gold disguising himself as a bad boy or a good old boy with a hidden streak of bad that he allows no one else to see except for the woman who has caught his interest. Then there's usually a kid or two who's either been abandoned by both parents or is orphaned, suffering from body issues or was homeless at some point.


    1. I would say the same can be said about most authors. The basis of their books is often one they use again and again, it doesn't bother me at all.

  3. Buying books is really fun, especially if the books you bought is worth to read. Great choice of books!:)

    1. So true, buying new books that turn out to be great is always fantastic.




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